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VALLEY VICE                                               STEVE GARCIA
Posted: Sept. 14, 2013

18387117In Hollywood, it’s not just dreams that are easily snuffed out.

When a burned body is found on a studio lot, Detective Salvador Reyes and his partner Detective Philippa Wallace are on the scene. The mystery deepens when they identify the body as a felon named Bartholomew Pearl who should have been in jail for shooting a fellow detective. Then a city official, Theodor Simons, is found dead of an apparent suicide.

Convinced the deaths are connected, and not everything is what it appears, Reyes and Wallace investigate. Their inquiries take a dangerous turn, pointing to someone in the police department itself. Soon it’s hard to know who is an enemy, and who is a friend.


This was a good book and a good story. I will say this though it started a little slow for me. This might be because he was trying to get everything set up. For me I am use to getting right into the meat and potatoes of the story, action. Once he gets going the action is none stop up to the end. I can't remember when it was but I hit a point in the story and I did not put it down until I finished it. The end is also one that had a twist. I did not see it turning out the way it did but it was a good book. I really enjoyed it

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