Words of Lust

WORDS OF LUST                                       LISE HORTON
Posted: Sept. 9, 2013

18310123Serafina Luca, straitlaced Manhattan professor of erotic literature, isn't one to blush at a few raunchy words, but her experience in the bedroom is hardly bestseller material. She's not sure the passion in the books she teaches is possible in real life, let alone for her. But then she meets Nick Stellato.

The construction foreman may look like a guy's guy, but he knows how to treat a woman. One look at Serafina's luscious figure, and he wants to prove it to her. One dinner date and their sizzling chemistry is undeniable. Soon, it's the professor getting a lesson or two...and Nick is a willing teacher. What surprises him is how much he enjoys the time he spends with Serafina outside the bedroom--and how easily he can imagine a future together.

Before long, Serafina is falling hard for Nick, too. But how can a timid academic with virtually no past fulfill his dreams of an adventurous future?


        Words of Lust just let me just say WOW!  First off so you know right off the bat this is an EROTICA.  Not just any kind of an erotica one with an actual storyline and characters you actually love and can see in your family or as your friends.  As in real life you just never know what goes on behind closed doors.

     Stellato and Serafina Luca (Professor).  Nick is the foreman of a construction site who happens to have a degree as an architecture.  Serafina was walking by his work site and his workers were all out there on a morning break on one of the first warm days in April for New York.  She had been enduring their catcalls and all but this one morning a worker by the name of Boxer decided to take a step to far and was starting to put hands on her.  This had not been his first time. But it had been the first time Nick had caught him in the act and was drunk too.  So he was fired, needless to say he was not a happy camper.  Nick ended up Walking Serafina to the “L” train and asked for her card.

     By her card he finds out she is a professor and calls her from his sister he finds out she teaches an erotic literature class.  So, he gets the reading list and starts reading up so when he calls her for a date they have something to talk about. First he has to get a date.  So, he calls her she calls back and they decide to meet.  They hit it off is an understatement.  You see Serafina had no one just her and Nick had a great big Italian family which scared “The Professor” as Nick called her.  But as their relationship progressed so did their knowledge of the readings of the books from Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Nabokov, and D.H. Lawrence and all the “Kinky” things they use to do.  So, surprise they found out that they were both ready and willing to share the experience with each other.

   I loved the interaction between the family and Nick.  How Nick was with his siblings always wanting to be the protector.  Then when he meets Serafina he tries to do the same she has a problem with wanting to be her own woman so the give and take that comes with their relationship that she is not use to since she was so use to doing for herself and him use to taking care of everyone. I do have to say that after a while that the different types of sex in massive detail just got to be a little much.  So, I did find myself rolling right over it looking for more of the dynamics of the family as a whole or the couple talking.  But this twist of using real literature to fall back on was a trip.

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