HOME FOR CHRISTMAS                           ROXY BOROUGHS
Posted:  Nov. 1, 2013

Home for Christmas by Roxy Boroughs This holiday season, April Rochester must decide if her first love is merely “Home for Christmas”– or home for good.

James Frost, the black sheep of the family, is back in Carol Falls, Vermont, to build a big box store and prove he’s a success. His plans derail when he learns his high school sweetheart has moved back to town also, along with her autistic son, Marcus.

Ten years ago Jimmy and April eloped, only to be torn apart when April’s parents insisted on an annulment. Their love for each other never died, however, and this could be their second chance. But James has been hiding behind a mountain of secrets, one of them involving baby Holly, the abandoned child recently found at the family farm.

And all of James’ well-kept secrets are about to come tumbling down.

“Home for Christmas”, a 40,000 word sweet romance novella, is Book Two of “A Frost Family Christmas” trilogy. Each novella is a complete romance with a linking mystery connecting the three books.

Book 1 = "What Child is This" by C.J. Carmichael
Book 2 = "Home for Christmas" by Roxy Boroughs
Book 3 = "The Holly and the Ivy" by Brenda M. Collins


     Home for Christmas what a fantastically sweet story.  It is not your normal romance though.  There was of course you normal hero Jimmy.  The heroine April and her son Marcus who is not your average child.  That alone gives it a twist since most authors are not usually wanting to talk about children that are different in their main stream storylines. So glad she did and let me tell you she did is so much justice and dignity.  The emotions and the tired overwhelming joy you feel with a breakthrough is spot on too. Nicely done.  

     Yet, right in the middle of the continuation of this Frost family saga you have this mystery of the baby to be solved.  Just when you think you have the piece of the puzzle and Roxy brought you right to the most important piece boom she steers you in another direction.  Not to mention our hero has a secret of his own that he has been hiding all his life even from his high school girlfriend April.  That he feels he needs to finally share. It does bring tears to your eyes let me tell you. Boy, does that and all the other little things that add up to the ending make you go, "HMM?"  "That is not what I saw coming at all but I did if that makes any sense.  Once you read it you will go, “Oh I get it now.”

     This is fun reading once I found enough time in my day to get it done.  It is a fast fun holiday read and so worth it.  I can’t wait to see how it ends.  Brenda, here I come… 

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