THE NEON RAIN                                         JAMES LEE BURKE
Posted:  Dec. 23, 2013

The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke  Introducing the New Orleans detective Dave Robicheaux Johnny Massina, a convicted murderer bound for the electric chair, has warned Dave Robicheaux that he's on somebody's hit list, and now the homicide detective is trying to discover just who that is before he ends up dead. Meanwhile he has taken on the murder investigation of a young black girl found dead in the Bayou swamp - a case no one seems keen for him to investigate. But Robicheaux persists and uncovers a web of corruption that some would kill to protect, leading him to a terrifying confrontation with the one horror he fears most of all.


This is the first book in the Dave Robicheaux, character and you do get some back ground information about and Clete, his partner. You also find out about his relationship with his wife from some of the other books Annie. You also find out how he buys the boat shed or fishing shed / dock that is in some of the other books. He is also having problems with alcohol and falls off the wagon. He stops going to meetings and this plus his job puts his life in danger and he does not care. He does go back to the meetings but it does not work out right away until he realizes he has no control over what people think. Then people start to see what he was saying about the crime but it is too late. When they offer his job back he leaves instead, fills out the papers and goes to a meeting and feels better. This is a dark book but a good story and I was glad to have finally read this book in the series

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