Posted:  Jan. 6, 2014

Bittersweet Homecoming  Holly must go back home to North Dakota to tend to her family’s ranch when her father passes away, forcing her to give up her dreams of New York City in exchange for the boring little town she grew up in.

When she gets there, she finds that oil companies are out to steal away her inheritance. Luckily, her old friend Aaron is there to help her along every step of the way to fight off the sharks in the water.

What Holly doesn't know is Aaron hasn't forgotten her over the years and her sudden reappearance at the ranch is kindling newfound flames of passion inside of him. When an unexpected kiss under the summer rain leads to a night of passion, Holly must figure out how to best deal with the storm in her heart even as she deals with the encroaching oil companies. Will she be able to juggle love, family, and her duty all at once? Or will everything overwhelm her?


This is a very sweet short.  Starts off with Holly being called home by her father’s lawyer.  Turns out her father had been ill for a while and passed away.  She came home from her new big city life where she had landed a job after going to culinary school to be a chef. 

     When she arrived home her childhood friend Aaron Johansson was there to help her through like always.  God she missed that, he always knew her best.  What she didn’t know was that Aaron had been in love with her since the day they met.  During this time the will was read and she found out her dad left her the ranch and a whole lot of money, big money.  A guy by the name of Chuck came around within a few days wanting to buy the place for an oil company nicely at first and then he became heavy handed..

     Bringing Aaron and Holly closer till he finally had to tell her just how he felt about her all these years and how it hurt him when she left and didn’t come home or call him.  See what Holly thought and felt herself.  See if Chuck gets her land.  You will enjoy this short it is very sweet and sensual. 

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