LANTERN LAKE                                      LILY EVERETT
Posted:  Jan. 29, 2014

Lantern Lake by Lily Everett  They’re single, they’re rich, and now these billionaire bachelors are heading to Sanctuary Island in a new e-original novella series from Lily Everett! Fall in love with the heartwarming island’s latest catch.

Leo, Zane, and Cooper made a pact to stay bachelors and enjoy the single life forever, and when they receive an invitation to their friend Miles’ wedding, they head down to Sanctuary Island determined to talk some sense into the errant groom before he makes a life-changing mistake. But Miles knows his own mind, and he makes a vow of his own: before he walks down the aisle, he’ll have Leo, Zane, and Cooper changing their tune about matrimony. Because Miles knows, better than anyone, that all it takes is a little Sanctuary Island magic to turn romantic cynics into true believers.

Cooper Haynes can’t believe how easily his friends have all succumbed to the lure of romance. Luckily, he knows he’s safe, since the one woman he ever loved is lost to him forever. But when he gets a look at the wedding program and sees the list of bridesmaids, Cooper knows he’s in trouble, because there she is: Vivian Banks. After her shattering break-up with Cooper, Vivian never wanted to see him again, but when Greta asks her to be a bridesmaid, Vivian can’t refuse…even knowing it’ll bring her face to face with the man who broke her heart and stomped on the pieces. But Sanctuary Island has a way of reminding people of what really matters, and teaching them the power of the human heart to forgive, heal, and fall in love all over again.


     Well, Miles did it.  He ambushed Cooper at his and Greta’s wedding.  How you ask?  By not telling him that the two of them had asked Miles old and dear friend, Vivian Banks, to be in the wedding.  This would make Cooper Hayes upset why you ask?  Well, Viv and Cooper were do to get married.  He had the marriage license in hand at the courthouse and she never showed up.

     Emotions are running high for Cooper when he figures out that he is partnered to walk out of the church with Viv.  He does it but it is hard.  Viv thought Miles had cleared it with him and told him so.  When the new couple tosses the flowers to her and says Viv was next in line to marry if they could just find a groom both looking at him.  He chuckles and escorts Viv to the beach for the reception.  On his way he comes up with his plan.

     Cooper plans to seduce Viv spend this special night dancing, romancing, and then bedding her only to be gone in the morning.  He starts off his plan by slipping a $50.00 to the band leader to play “At Last” they dance, drink, eat, and mingle with friends.  After the bride and groom leave…

     See how Cooper sees Viv now.  Can he ask all the questions he needs the answers to?  When he turns to leave Viv, is it as easy as he thought?  Or does she make him think twice?  Does she reveal things that are shocking enough to make him lose the bet?

     Out of the three stories in this series I like this the best.  It has so much irony and it is more believable, grittier, the characters were more real especially with their emotions.  You know for billionaires, since I hang around with so many you see.  NOT!!!  Viv finally found her voice, though.  Nice short read.  Provided by

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