Posted:  Jan. 1, 2014

Last Chance Knit & Stitch by Hope Ramsay  Molly Canaday wishes she could repair her life as easily as she fixes cars. She was all set to open her own body shop in Last Chance when her mother ran off and left her to manage the family yarn shop instead. Now guided by the unsolicited-though well-intended-advice of the weekly knitting club, Molly works to untangle this mess. But her plan unravels when the new landlord turns out to be difficult-as well as tall, dark, and handsome.

Simon Wolfe returns to quickly settle his father's estate and then leave Last Chance for good. Still wounded by a broken heart, Simon is surprised when the town's charming streets and gentle spirit bring back good memories. Soon the beautiful, strong-willed Molly sparks a powerful attraction that tempts him to break his iron-clad no-commitment rule. Can Simon and Molly find a way to share work space-and build a future together in Last Chance?

This is another Last Chance, story. This one is about Molly who works at the local garage and is wanting to open a car restoration business. Before she can get to that point she is called out to the out skirt of town for a tow and it takes her awhile to figure out that the person is Simon Wolfe, another one of her father’s former football players from there championship team. He is in town to settle his father’s estate and to leave as soon as possible. Neither one of toughs would happen he would be stuck in town. Meanwhile Molly mom left her a note to run the yarn store and take of the house while she is gone. She just ups and leaves which causes more problems for Molly than she can handle between the store, house, her car restoration, losing her job and her father and brother not helping she is going nuts. The one thing that does happen is she becomes friends with Simon and though her father does not like the idea she stills sees him. During this time Simon’s asst comes out from California to help out and that character is a hoot. He really adds to the story and makes for some funny story lines. I really liked this story and if you have read any of the other Last Chance books I think you will like this also. My only problem was I wanted Molly to be more assertive in telling her mom and dad that they were each other’s problems that she was not the one that caused her mother to go on her trip. Even wanted her to tell off her brother that was still at home. But she did realized that her mother did a lot for her as well and that she needed to grow up as well. This was a very good book .

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