THE PRACTICE DATE                            VICTORINE E. LIESKE
Posted:  Jan. 21, 2014

The Practice Date - A Novelette by Victorine E. Lieske From New York Times bestselling author of NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS...

Jane’s been in love with her best friend Lance since they were kids. Best friend, that is, until he ditched her for the more popular crowd. What’s a computer nerd doing spending time with jocks anyway?

When he asks her for help getting a date to the prom with the most popular girl in school she almost tells him to take a flying leap. But she’d be spending time with him, teaching him to dance and he’d be holding her...that sounded like heaven.

So she says yes.

But how much practice can her heart take?

The Practice Date is a novelette, 11,000 words, 50 pages in paperback.
     Jane had been friends with Lance her neighbor since they were kids, she now 16 and he is now 17.  They used to hang out playing the video game Avengers, but for a little over a year now he has been hanging out with the popular kids.  Not once thinking to include her or visit her.
     On this day on her way home from school he is waiting on his porch as she passes so he can talk to her.  When he speaks to her she acts like she didn’t notice him.  Then he asks if she wants to hang out.  She knows there is something up and wants to get mad but instead says okay to see what it is.  When they get all settled in her den playing several rounds of Avengers, he drops the bomb.  He needs a complete makeover to get the right to ask Tiffany, the most popular cheerleader out.  The love of his life, out to prom.  With each word he is stabbing her in the heart.
     Of course she wants to drop kick him at this point for not seeing she is in love with him.  She agrees to help only because she thinks of all the time they will spend together, in each other’s arms while she teaches him to dance.  Some time with him is better than no time with him.  During the last event a kiss was stolen and the nerd who was turned into the swan panics and leaves.  He tells her he will be back tomorrow.  She thinks she’s blown it.
     Does he come back?  Can Jamie ever tell Lance her true feelings?  Or is she doomed to create but never be the princess at the ball?
     I really enjoyed this young adult short story.  Lance ended up being a really sweet guy that brought a happily ever after to this story.  Which was nice truly a sweet story.
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