STORM FRONT                                         JOHN SANDFORD
Posted:  Feb. 13, 2014

Storm Front by John Sandford  The thrilling new novel in the #1 New York Times' bestselling series.

In Israel, a man clutching a backpack searches desperately for a boat. In Minnesota, Virgil Flowers gets a message from Lucas Davenport: You’re about to get a visitor. It’s an Israeli cop, and she’s tailing a man who’s smuggled out an extraordinary relic—an inscribed stone revealing startling details about the man known as King Solomon.

Wait a minute, laughs Virgil. Is this one of those Da Vinci Code deals? The secret scroll, the blockbuster revelation, the teams of murderous bad guys? Should I be boning up on my Bible verses?

He looks at the cop. She’s not laughing. As it turns out, there are very bad men chasing the relic, and they don’t care who’s in the way or what they have to do to get it. Maybe Virgil should start praying.

Storm Front is another Virgil Flowers book. This time while he is trying to catch a mother and her sons in a fraud of selling wood that they say is from an old barn which really is not. He receives a call from his boss about a stolen artifact from Israel. The man is supposed to be a professor from Minnesota. He is to meet with an Israeli women from their State and help her to get the item back. Not wanting to give up his first case he tries to work both cases. He is also interrupted by some members of the U.S. who also trying to find the professor before he sells the item. Then the lady (lack of a better term) that he is trying to get on the fraud case puts herself right in the middle of this one as well. This makes for a exciting finish for the book. I enjoyed reading this story very much and I have learned to like the character of Virgil Flowers. John Sanford did another good job with this story.

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