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Talkin’ Sports
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Topics up tonight:

What should be the top story?
Alex Rodriquez

Band 1 yr. from baseball and a 25 million dollar fine.
Derek Jeter
Retiring from the New York Yankees after this season?
50 of the tops models are crying their eyes out!

NBA All-Star Game


  1. well midway point of pro basketball season and for me no real surprises. i am sorry that Kobe and Derrick Rose both got re-injured. now all star game and wait to see if any of the rumors of trades happens.

  2. now on to baseball. i am glad Alex Rodriquez is out of baseball this year. if people will look at just the last few years that he was playing when they say he taking steroids his numbers were going down and his injuries were stacking up. now as much as i blame him i hold the Yankees responsible as well. you are not going to tell me people in there organization did not know. i also hold major league baseball responsible as well along with the commissioner office because from the very being they did nothing.

  3. all of this Rodriquez talk takes away from first Ralph Kiner who passed away last week and was the first player to have back to back 50 plus home run seasons and for only playing ten years had 369 home runs. this was from 1946 to 1955. this was after being a Navy pilot during WWII. no drugs.

  4. now for Jeter i am glad he has decided to call it quits and to go out his way. hopefully he can stay healthy and finish the season with still a plus 300 batting ave. right now its at 312, he is # 10 all time with 3,316. which i am sure he will add some hits to those #s. a true Yankee not one that i wrote about earlier.

  5. talk sports next week have a great valentines day! everyone.


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