HERO'S HOMECOMING                           REBECCA CROWLEY
Posted:  March 12, 2014

Six months ago, being snowed in at Christmas with the amazing woman he met on R & R at Fort Riley would have been a dream come true, yet now, as a blizzard swirls outside Beth Tate's house, Captain Chris Walker knows he shouldn't be there. Blinded in combat and emotionally scarred, he never wanted Beth to know the man he's become—but stranded by the storm, he had no one else to call.
Hurt and bewildered when Chris abruptly ended his faithful contact from Afghanistan, Beth tried to put him and their whirlwind romance out of her mind and prepared for a quiet holiday alone—until the phone rang. Now that he's here, she's more confused than ever, torn between love for the man she once knew and anger at the one who broke her heart.
A life with Beth was everything Chris wanted, but the wounds of battle are nothing compared to the agony of heartbreak. It will take more than mistletoe, but perhaps this holiday season Chris will find his way home.
33,000 words

     Captain Chris N. Walker was stationed at Fort Riley Kansas not to awfully far from his parent’s farm, about an hour to Stanfield.  At the age of 30, he hadn’t really met the one, by all rights he should have had his pick.  He is 6 feet plus, dark hair, and blue eyes truly handsome.
     But it wasn’t until 4 days before he was to leave on his 3rd tour of Afghanistan that he meets the women he had been waiting for all his life to meet, Beth Tate, 30.  She works at the college and was there at the Metal Cavalry Museum to do some work.  Chris was supposed to be on R & R but came in to catch up on something before he left and was asked to open for her and he did and he also asked her to dinner.  They made the most of those 4 nights and days before he left.
     While Chris was gone he emailed and wrote faithfully for four months with several calls thrown in.  They were both falling in love.  Neither telling the other since it was so soon.  Then, a tragic event happens and Beth gets a “Dear John” email with just a few words on it and then nothing.  The romance started in June, “Dear John” came in Oct., and now Dec. she gets a call, says that it’s him Chris he is stuck at the airport due to the blizzard can she please come and get him, because his parents are stuck on the farm? 
     Once the shock wears off with the shake of her head she rushes off to the airport.  Cussing herself the whole way for agreeing to do it.  She sees him standing by a pillar runs up to him and hugs him, he hugs her thinking she must not hate him totally, they both stiffen, she drops and then she slaps him.  Everyone stops and the small airport goes quiet, she slapped a decorated wounded Army war Captain.  If you want to know what happens you’ll have to read it…
     I really enjoyed this sorry you got to see the anguish the loved ones at home went through when one is at war.  This has a different twist in the way that they knew they loved each other but hadn’t declared it so basically no one knows officially.  Therefore, anything happens to the one in service the one at home waiting has no rights to information.  They can get injured, lost or die and you would never know.  What a sad situation.  This story brought up a lot of important issues to be considered yet a good story form. Provided by netgalley.com 
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