The Imitation of Christ in the Gospel of Luke: Growing in Christlike Love for God and Neighbor

 Posted:  March 29, 2014

The Imitation of Christ in the Gospel of Luke: Growing in Christlike Love for God and Neighbor This is a good book for any one really that not only wants to study the Bible but to enhance the prayer life. For me it was a little more of a change and a focus into the book of Luke. I had already believed about working on yourself to be as an Intimation of Christ. In the Catholic faith I was introduce to a book many years ago by that very title and have been reading it since I was a teenager and felt it was time to see something new. I must say I enjoyed this book because it gave a new and fresh in sight in the Gospel and gave some new ways to break down the book as well. Anything that will give me a new look at something that I have read over and over must be good. At least for me. I enjoyed the book. I got this book from net galley.

There are many brilliant men and women in the world. However, you don't truly know something until you can explain it simply. Jimmy explains Christ as our greatest example, while centering and grounding his findings in the completed work of Christ. The Reformed faith, strong in the completed work of Christ, has shied away from Christ as example in light of the cultural milieu in which we find ourselves. One that sees Christ merely as an example and not as Savior. Jimmy brings these two understandings together, grounds them in the text, and delivers them in a style that is inviting and engaging. His illustrations are wonderful as well.
The true mastery of this book lies in the fact that you could hand this book to any high school freshman and he or she could fully understand all of the findings within. Brilliant men and women write at levels far beneath their own in service to others. Jimmy has shown everyone he is not simply a teacher. He is a master teacher, able to teach at all levels of learning. This book, in my opinion, is a work of incredible insight! I could not recommend it more highly. I would employ this work to teach others.

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