HOUSE OF JAGUAR                                 MIKE BOND
Posted:  April 10, 2014

House of Jaguar Shot down over the jungle with a planeload of marijuana, Vietnam War hero Joe Murphy gets caught up in the brutal Guatemalan Civil War when he witnesses an attack on a Mayan village by the Guatemalan Army and its CIA "advisors." Badly injured, he esxapes on a nightmare trek through the jungle, haunted by the Army, the CIA and death squads.

Healed by guerrilla doctor Dona Villalobos, he falls in love with her and tries to save her from the War's widerning horror of insanity, tragedy and death. Caught in the curcible of violence and love, he learns the peaks and depths the human heart can reach, and what humans will do for, and to, each other.

Based on the author's own experiences as one of the last foreign correspondents left alive in Guatemala after over 100 journalists had been killed by Army death squads.

This is an interesting story about a pilot who is flying drugs from Columbia to the US. When he flies into Columbia for a pick-up he is shot down and from there the story is pretty much none stop action until the end. with him trying to make it out of the country being chased when he gets back to the states and deciding to go back because he is in love with a women how saved his live. But just about everyone he comes in contact with is killed and he does not know who is chasing him until you get towards the end of the book. A lot of action and fast paced well written and a lot of characters he did a good job of description and you felt like you were in the action. I did not like the ending but that was just me. overall a good story. I got this book from net galley.

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