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Kathryn Kelly

Rad-Reader:  How did Megan and Christopher get together?
Kathryn: Megan ran away from her mother’s house to seek help from her father, Joseph Foy. He was the president of the Death Dwellers MC and she knew he’d lived on premises for years. Meggie wanted protection for herself and her mother from her mother’s husband. However, instead of finding Big Joe, Meggie finds Christopher.
Rad-Reader:  What is the age difference between Megan and Christopher?  What exactly is Megan's age and Christopher's age?
Kathryn: In Misled, Meggie meets Christopher the day she turns 18. He’s almost 15 years older than she is. His 33rd birthday is about two months away.
Rad-Reader:  Did Megan and Johnnie meet first and was it sexual?
Kathryn:  Megan and Johnnie met when Christopher was in the hospital. They felt an immediate pull towards one another, but Megan’s feelings for Christopher were stronger.
Rad-Reader:  Was Megan one of the compound girls that all the guys get to share sexually? (Can't think of the name you call them right now, sorry)
Kathryn: The Bobs and Club Ass, LOL. J And, no. Christopher would murder anyone who tried to touch her. He didn’t realize he had a possessive streak until he got involved with Meggie.
Rad-Reader:  Does Christopher really not mind that it was her brother that shot his mother to death?
Kathryn:  He really doesn’t mind because he knows it wasn’t her fault. She wasn’t in the MC life until circumstances catapulted her there. Besides, he’d killed one of her family members, too.
Rad-Reader:  Not reading the first story I felt a little at a loss why were his sisters so mad at him and not talking to him (Christopher)?
Kathryn:  They blame him for certain events. Zoann has other issues at play, too. Sorry, I can’t go into more detail! I don’t want to ruin the plots in Misled and Misunderstood for anyone. L
Rad-Reader:  How can Johnnie be so loyal to Christopher when he is the one married to Megan when he was in love with her first?
Kathryn: After their childhoods where Johnnie was treated with reverence and Christopher shunned by almost everyone, he wants Christopher happy. He doesn’t realize how much sacrifice that will take on his part when he steps away to give Christopher and Megan a chance without hindrance from him.
Rad-Reader:  Doesn't it get to Christopher that Johnnie leers at his wife with lust in his eyes and in his heart love?
Kathryn:  Yes, it drives Christopher crazy, but he knows how much Megan adores him (Christopher), so he decides to deal with it and ignore Johnnie (as best as he can).
Rad-Reader:  What is the deal with her mother is she just trying to help at the beginning or is she working against Megan?  Since she helped Christopher's dad, drugged the baby, etc...?
Kathryn:  Dinah’s sense of self-preservation is leading her to make very bad decisions. She doesn’t want to do anything that might cause her to get hurt as Thomas (her husband) once hurt her. She doesn’t drug the baby and help Cee-Cee to betray Meggie. In her mind, she believes it’s the best way to not attract unwanted attention to them and, thus, leave them open to violent retaliation.
Rad-Reader:  There was so much conflicting emotions going on in Christopher.  How could he be so loving in saving Megan and then do what he does to his father after the wedding then return to the wedding like nothing happens?
Kathryn:  There’s no one in Christopher’s life more important than Megan and he didn’t want to ruin her wedding day. That’s the dichotomy of Christopher’s character, though. Megan is the only one who can break through to him and give him a semblance of a conscience. For anyone else? All bets are off. Because he’d shut his emotions off for so many years, it’s easy for him to switch from the MC President back to Megan’s “Christopher”.
Rad-Reader:  Does Megan really not get what is going on for real with her husband and the guys in her life?
Kathryn:  Megan knows. She chooses to ignore it because she sees another side to them. She knows it doesn’t make what they do right, but she met them being who they were. Either she had to accept it or walk away. She chooses to accept it by ignoring their activities.
Rad-Reader:  Is her mother the way she is because she ended up with worse than what she thought she got Megan away from?
Kathryn: Yes. Dinah doesn’t believe in her judgment or instincts any more. She has a long recovery road and she might not ever get there.
Rad-Reader:  How did you come with writing about bikers?
Kathryn: I read a couple MC-themed romances and the presentation of the gritty lifestyle fascinated me. Despite everything, the bikers were able to fall in love and give their everything to the women in their lives. I’ve always loved Harleys, by the way, which is why I picked up on the biker romances in the first place. I also LOVE the ID and History channels. They air documentaries about bikers and their lifestyles. One day, I watched an episode of Outlaw Bikers and I started getting an idea from there.
Rad-Reader:  Do you have to do a lot of research?  If so are the bikers receptive?
Kathryn:  I do secondary research—non-fiction books and bios, documentaries, articles in magazines and online. I’ve gotten compliments from one or two old ladies on my Facebook page, which I loved!
Rad-Reader:  Do you have any other genre you would like to try?
Kathryn:  I’ll probably stick to the romance genre, but I’d like to try a different sub-genre one day. A rock band. ;-)
Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to be:
Kathryn:  I really hadn’t thought about this! I can answer one, (Christopher) based upon fan recommendation. 
And one more (Johnnie) because I’m a fan of his.

Christopher:    Kathryn: Ian Somerhalder   

Rad-Readers:  Chris Pine

Megan:           Rad-Reader:  AnnaSophia Robb

Johnnie:        Kathryn Kelly:   Kellan Lutz  

Rad-Reader: Agrees

Valentine:  Rad-Reader: Tom Hardy 

Mortician:  Rad-Reader:  Chris Hemsworth

Digger:  Rad-Reader:  Liam Hemsworth

Zoann:  Rad-Reader:  Amanda Seyfrie

Ophelia:  Rad-Reader:  Dakota Fanning

CeeCee:   Rad-Reader: Viggo Mortensen

Dinah:  Rad-Reader:  Michelle Pfeiffer

Rad-Reader:  What song do you hear in your head when you think of this book?
Kathryn: Several, LOL. I should do a Misappropriate Playlist, right? J  Top three: Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars, As Long As You Love Me ß yes, by JB and Careless Whisper by Seether
Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you and follow you?
Amazon: AuthorPage: 
Google Plus: 

I would like to thank Kathryn Kelly for not only being with us today but for writing such an interesting and exciting book.  It kept me at the edge of my seat.  Thanks again for taking the time to be with us.

1 Rad-Reader Review until next time.

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