Posted:  May 12, 2014

Curves For Her Rock Star by Stacey R Summers Years after letting all her dreams sail off into the wind, Rose has found herself stuck living a mundane life of which she has no hope of ever escaping. Her only solace is knowing that her rock star best friend, Blake who she has always secretly loved, is no longer tied to a relationship with her roommate. 

When Blake returns from a six month tour around the country, Rose learns that maybe all her dreams haven’t been lost. 

Part 1 of 3 
BBW Romance
11500+ words

     Rose goes to Booker’s Music Hall, in Riverside.  A rocker club bar in her hometown where her best friend since forever “Blake Hunter” and his band just happen to be playing tonight. 
     As she walks in she knows like every other place she goes into she stands out.  Tonight is exceptionally worse since she came straight from work where she works in an office.  Her outfit reflects that.  She walks up to the bar and finds a seat, the bartender makes his way to her and gruffly ask what she wants never smiling or making really any eye contact.  Not the first time, like you can get fat looking or talking to me.  She orders a beer that they are none for even though she really doesn’t drink beer but she wants to see what all the fuss is all about.  She tips him $5 and he doesn’t ever say thank you or smile.  She gives him some slack thinking he’s having a bad day since it is so busy.  Yet, within minutes she sees him smiling and flirting with a cute, skinny, blond.
     Blake performs his set and she is not quite finished with her beer but she sees all of the band and Blake heading for the back so she turns to the bar gathers herself and gets ready to head out when she hears a low baritone voice say hey to her and the chills run wild within her.  Blake has always been her one and only love but he has never know that at all.  We have just been the best of friends that over the last five years have had some strains due to him dating my roommate.  When they broke up it made it even harder on me to know what to do and how to handle our relationship.  His being out touring made things easier though. 
     We sit and chat and then he mentions how he hates to sleep alone and she mentions how she could take care of that for him and he says okay.  They leave together.  See if the way of sleeping is the same for both of them and see if they make it turn in to more. 
     I really enjoyed the writings of this author.  I know some people were upset with the missing words and editing problems but I think it has to do with the way this book has been down loading.  I know that every other page I would have to get out of the book and then get back in to see the completed sentence so the sentence wasn’t missing it was the way the kindle was working when downloaded. I give this 4 stars. 

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