Elyssa Patrick Interview Today!!!

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We are so Pleased to have:
Elyssa Patrick

Author of
Four Weddings and a Break Up


Rad-Reader:  With Ginny feeling so out of her own skin most of the time due to the shooting that happened to her prior.  Then feeling so unsafe how was she so willing and able to give herself over to “Mr. Dangerous?”

Elyssa:  He’s Mr. Dangerous. Need I say more? ;-)  But Ginny just wants to start living again, and when she meets Wes, it’s that flare of recognition that this man is the man—and the same applies for Wes when he sees Ginny. But, of course, both try to deny their true feelings for each other.

Rad-Reader:  Faith her mom was a hoot!  Was her mom always in need of an edit button?

Elyssa:   I love Faith a lot. I’ve never pressed the edit button on Faith because she was way too much fun to write.

Rad-Reader:  We were left with some unanswered questions: about all of Wes’ family.  Will this become a series so we can find out about his dad, Seth, T.J. and Jake? 

Elyssa:  Right now it’s a standalone, but I’ve learned never to say never...

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play?




Rad-Reader:  What theme song do you hear in your head when you think of when you think of your book?

Elyssa:   I usually think of Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. It’s my absolute favorite song.  

Rad-Reader:  Where did you come up with my new favorite line ever? “Humiliation, thy name is family.”

Elyssa:    I have no idea actually, lol. It was just one of those things that popped up as I was writing, and I thought it was funny and true at times.

We would like to thank our new best friend and author of this week’s Spot Light Author's Corner:  Elyssa Patrick

Thanks for having me on!

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