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How to Rope a Real Man by Melissa Cutler  Against all odds, the Sorentino sisters saved their family’s rundown New Mexico ranch, but the youngest has a dream that just may ruin their hard-earned peace—unless a certain sexy cowboy lawyer changes her mind…
Jenna Sorentino is as independent as they come. Despite her wild past, she’s grown up enough to keep quiet about the identity of her baby’s daddy, go to night college—and hide her plan to escape tiny Catcher Creek. She’s also stopped dreaming of happily ever after—except in the case of gorgeous, rugged, Santa Fe native Matt Roenick. Too bad the oil rights attorney acts like he barely knows she’s alive…

Matt knows only too well that Jenna’s alive—in fact, she’s driving him crazy with desire. But Matt’s got his reasons for resisting her. And when her son’s father shows up, those reasons multiply. Trouble is, Jenna’s secrets are more complicated than he imagined, and forgetting her isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. Matt knows life can be messy as hell. For Jenna, maybe it’s time he got dirty…
The Catcher Creek Cowboy series order is:
COWBOY JUSTICE (Catcher Creek #2)
HOW TO ROPE A REAL MAN (Catcher Creek #3)

              Jenna Sorentino, 24, a single mother has been lusting over new family friend and savior.  You see eight months ago 33 year old Matt Roenick was asked by his friend Kellen to look into the case of the Sorentino sisters.  Kellen is engaged to Amy, which is the middle sister, Jenna the youngest, and Rachel being the oldest.  Rachel is engaged to the sheriff, Vaughn Cooper.
     You see the girls all were left the farm after their parents both passed away which was only right since Rachel had been more or less running the household and the farm for as long as Jenna could remember.  You see her mama was bipolar and you never knew when she would have an episode.  Which finally drove her daddy to drinking and gambling. 
     In turn Jenna being so young caused her to be a rebel as her way to cope.  Rachel made her go to school and Vaughn brought her home (that is how they met) from most trouble but not always sober and one night not before she got pregnant.  She would never tell anyone her secret ever.  She had a plan, until then she worked had to change her life and worked hard around the farm to help Rachel and Amy.  So, her baby would have better then her. 
     Matt being a lawyer and a caring man came in like a cool refreshing breeze to them all he was able to help them and not only that when the oil company came in wanting to drill he negotiated a deal to set them each up nicely.  Plus since he was good at his job other ranchers and farmers asked for his help.  So, he was around more and more at gatherings and B-B-Q’s.
     Jenna tried to engage him different times to no avail, although he would talk with Tommy her son.  Since they were both in her sister’s wedding which she was the wedding planner he was stuck with her even more.  After talking to her friend and telling her how they danced a waltz her favorite dance at the rehearsal dinner and that it looked like he wanted to kiss her so she closed her eyes and leaned forward and nothing.  And that again today the day of the wedding after they both saved the day and she tried to kiss him, he backed away.  Her friend said basically, than you know what?  It’s his loss, move on.  Forget about him have fun at the wedding there are bound to be other men there you won’t even have to chase who will want you. 
     Once she wrapped her head around that, she was good she was ready to continue as if.  Meanwhile, Matt was dealing with his own secrets and demons that caused him a whole lot of heart ache.  As much as he wants her and or needs her, she another single mother.  His heart can’t afford to get attached and hurt by love another child that will never be his.  He already had 3 pictures of kids he was father like to and he and their mother’s didn’t work out.  Therefore no more contact with these kids he loved.  Something changes at the wedding when his friend and Jenna’s new brother-in-law makes a surprise announcement. 
     This is a case of a bridesmaid but never a bride, and a yearning to be a parent but it’s a guy.  It’s an exciting story line that has you from the onset.  Jenna is the underdog in so many ways but she finds the strength of an elephant.  Matt is also a victim of circumstances beyond his control and he is left with a wanting that cause him great pain. Yet, he is smart, sexy, and by the end you’re not sure who is saving who from the villain.  Yes, there is a secret bigger than life villain.  Isn’t that what always happens when we keep secrets.  Watch how Melissa Cutler unravels the secrets these characters are all keeping and what demons they have created for themselves.
     You will share in the pain, the shame, the tears, the jeers, the love and the laughter.  In the end the Sorentino Sisters remain forever strong and bond as a family.  Trust.  Jenna had asked Rachel, “How do you do it?  How do you give yourself over to a man like that?  You have total trust that he’s going to come through for you.”  Rachel responds with something she heard Jake had said but was written for him to say in the best man’s speech, “True love isn’t about finding someone you can live with; it’s about finding someone you can’t live without.” PROVIDED BY NETGALLEY. FOLLOW US AT:

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