MISUNDERSTOOD                                          KATHRYN KELLY
Posted:  May 30, 2014

John Donovan has been left in charge of the Death Dwellers' MC while the club president is on his honeymoon. With six days left till Outlaw's return and smooth sailing so far, trouble suddenly bubbles up. As the clock ticks, he's determined to bring everything under control.
Kendall Miller, an attorney and the ex-girlfriend of another MC president, is in deep problems. When her little sister is taken by her ex, she needs to supply information to a man who is frantic for information on the highest ranking members of Johnnie's club. When she suddenly shows up at the clubhouse and arouses the suspicions of a very handsome blond biker, she finds herself being taken as his prisoner. 
Evil is all around them. To save herself and her sister, Kendall has to rely on the man she betrayed. To save his club, Johnnie has to trust Kendall's story. Before it's too late. Because lives will be lost and hearts will be broken. 
WARNING: This isn’t an easy or light read. Please be advised. The way to Johnnie’s and Kendall’s resolution involves death, violence, destruction, a sexual assault scene and suicide.

     OMG!  Talk about an intense book.  I can’t believe how jammed packed detail Kathryn Kelly brings to the table.  If you are squeamish you might want to pick another book.  If you are?  Look at one woman’s view of the biker life style you won’t be disappointed.  I know any guy would enjoy this book too that is for sure. 
     Please note though this is a very graphic brutal look at some of the most unpleasant happenings in the life of a Motorcycle Club.  There is a heinous, degrading rape, beating of a woman, brutal heartache, murders, sex, and bad moral behavior.  There is also love, joy, laughter, family, and as well as a romance.  Not typical to most still a romance.
     I know that just blows your mind because it did mine, but somehow Kathryn just makes it all work.  I was talking with the hubby about the book and the saddest part is this stuff is happening somewhere for sure.  No different than the mob.  Reading this happening in this context does bother me yet I was able to put my emotions and thoughts to a place of knowing it was the MC.  So, the anger was at bay, than had it been against women in a regular love story.  I hope that makes sense if not it does to me in order to do this review. 
     The writing has you spell bound waiting to see what would happen next not unlike a movie.  She somehow makes Johnnie Donovan a sexy hot biker soon to be 34 year old.  Who has a heart of gold but in a heartbeat would kill for you, to protect you or what he believes in.  In this book we meet, Kendall Miller a 30 year old, lawyer.  She comes in to spy on the Dwellers’ MC.  She is sent there to seduce Outlaw/Christopher, Johnnie’s cousin and the head of The Dwellers’ MC, at his bachelor party.  She is nude when she walks in and lap dance on Outlaw.  Which angers him since he is madly deeply in love with Megs.  Johnnie knowing this removes her and takes her to his room.  They engage in sex several times never kissing her because you see he lost his heart to Megs.  Before Outlaw had Megs Johnnie had been with her for some petting.  But, loving Outlaw and Megs he let them both have that and stepped back the best he could.  He wanted Christopher to have the happiness he never had as a child and he knew he had it with Megs.
     That night with Kendal though had done something to him and since he was in charge while Outlaw and Megs were on their honeymoon he really had no time to dwell on her but she was in his dreams.  Then his wet dream walks back into the compound to apply for a job as the MC’s attorney 5 days before Outlaw’s to return.
     Man Johnnie thought just when he thought things were going so smoothly.  And things were so quiet she walks in she’s either a snitch with the Feds or a snitch with another MC.  DAMN!
     I can’t tell you how I loved this book.  I was glued to my seat reading this book.  It was a real page turner.  Any guy would like it too that is for sure.  Wasn’t sure about this one when I read the excerpt from the last review I did.  It was pretty bloody and graphic.  I had to put it in contexts to the lifestyle like a mob movie.  And wow, I could read it, but I had to grit my teeth and skip some areas where the rape happens I have to admit.  Was tough to handle.  Kat is a wonderful emotional writer who brought me to my knees a few times.
I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Author for honest review.
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