SOMETHING TRUE                                         MALIA MALLORY
Posted:  June: 3, 2014

Something True by Malia Mallory Successful children's musician Shelley Taylor sings for all kids, but especially the sick ones. After her little sister died in childhood, Shelley founded the music charity KC's Kidz to entertain hospitalized children.

She didn't sign up to babysit a rockstar.

Irish bad boy superstar Liam Smith is in trouble with the law--again--and needs to perform community service. KC's Kidz seems like the perfect fit, especially since Shelley's as curvy as his favorite guitar and he wants to play her.

Liam's deep green eyes strike a chord in Shelley, and she makes him want to sing a different tune. But Liam lives in a spotlight so white hot it might burn them both before they discover the true music inside their hearts.

   This was a short but very sweet book, of a guy Liam Smith a well-known Rock Star.  Who was once again in trouble with the law?  So, to look better in court his agent wants him to do volunteer for a charity.  He had already gone to rehab and give up his drug addiction although he still had drinks but not as much, same as with his partying. 
     He ended up crashing his Ferrari through the front window of a restaurant.  He did however already paid for all repairs.  Although he was playing it off it did scare him sh__less.  The ironic thing is sheer speed caused this accident not drugs or alcohol.  He hopes that would be a plus in his favor.  His agent called Shelley Taylor’s agent to talk her into helping him out.  He knows her client (Shelley) is the founder and operator of KC’s Kidz, he thinks since both he and Shelley are singers that they would gel.
     Let’s just say it was not an easy sell.  Not too long ago Shelly had been dumped by her ex saying she has too much hip action so that is the reason they’re not having as much sex and then dumped her with not warning.  So even though she was talented in her own right she was too shy, she would shy away from life, and pour herself into KC’s Kidz.  It seems all that changes once she meets Liam. 
     They each share the real them.  Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Shelley finds her sex kitten with Liam and he finds his way in life a path.  The only negative if there really is one is that at the end it feels a little rushed.  I give this 5 stars.
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