Talkin’ Sports
With Pat

1.) Tim Linceum threw his second no-hitter last night. He and Christy Mathewson
(1901 & 1905)

2.)  The Cavaliers made Andrew Wiggins the 1st pick in the NBA draft tonight.  With Parker going to Milwaukee & Embiid to Philadelphia.

3.) The USA lost today but they are moving on to the next round in the World Cup.  Something about more points scored.  I do know this is the first time they have moved on in back to back World Cups ever,



  1. This off season in basketball will be interesting with James, opting out of his contract and Anthony. If either one really does or goes any where. i don't think the Lakers could get either one because of the lack of cap room they have.

  2. they are saying that the Hornets traded Shabazz Napier to the Heat. that just might be the start of keeping Lebron in Miami.

  3. in football the Packers lost another player to a neck injury. Johnathon Franklin who was injured last year after a game in which he rushed for over 100 yards. is now no longer playing football because of the injury. how fast ones career is over in that game. the Seahawks had a player that they drafted and found out he had a heart condition that had never been detected before. they did pay him his signing bonus which i thought was nice.

  4. i hope everyone has a good week talk to you all next week. take care.


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