Posted:  June 3, 2014

The Bull Rider and the Baby by Jeanine McAdam
Sexy bull rider Caleb Cooper keeps falling off his bull and hitting his head. Smart neuroscience graduate student Carrie Wang is studying him. There’s just one problem, Carrie’s attracted to her broad-shouldered research subject. But she shouldn’t be, because Carrie is pregnant with Charles Winston’s baby. However, that one-night-stand occurred in a beaker closet and Charles wants nothing to do with her or the child.

Besides being handsome in a long-haired, scruffy sort-of-way, Caleb Cooper is kind and quirky. Carrie can’t stop touching him and their unprofessional attraction is mutual. Problems abound when Carrie’s traditional Chinese mother and Charles come to the rodeo. Carrie’s mother wants her to hook a husband and Charles wants Carrie to give the baby up for adoption. Carrie knows she could never let a stranger raise her child. Can Carrie go against everyone’s wishes and raise the baby on her own? Or could Caleb become a father to this child?

This story starts out with a bull rider Caleb Cooper, being thrown from a bull and waking up very slowly from a concussion. The main female character is Carrie Wang, she is studying the effects of concussions and trying to get bull riders to wear a helmet when they go out. She is working towards her doctorate. Since Caleb is the first one of the bull riders to have a concussion is informed by the director of his association that she now must ride with him to study the effects that the concussion may have over the long haul. During this time they start to find out things about each other and as the days turns into weeks he realizes that she is pregnant and that the father of the child wants nothing to do with her. She also fells the same way about her mother. She then finds out things about his life and his situation in why he has to stay on the rodeo circuit. The way the author ties everything together at the end you really have to reread what really Carrie mother is saying to understand that she was not being hurtful, she was being a mother. There are multiple relationships that need to be worked out and the author did a good job in making them feel believable, not just a quick ending. This was a very good story and more than a love story. I got this book from net galley.

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