Gallery: The Morning After My Baby Left For Australia 7/7/14

July 6, 2014
Australian Adventure

     Well, it is the morning after liftoff.  My baby girl should be landing in Australia in about 30 minutes now.  14 hours on a plane can you believe it?  Yesterday was draining and emotional.  I was so excited for her but she is my miracle too.  If you have read any of my other blogs you will know the story of her birth.  I will not bore you now.
     We left home yesterday at about 10:30 not due to meet the rest of the Bakersfield group from People to People until 6:00.  We had decide that we would take Dezi to the world famous Canters Deli not too far from Farmer’s Market and the Grove.  Her daddy, Pat, was taken there by his dad when he was younger on sneak away school days with his daddy.

(Now oh so special since he passed back in 1995 way before Dezi was ever born but we know he helped hand pick her, so yes he met her way before we did.) We saw a guy who was in the play Cats in New York who either the owner or manager gave a hat to and we saw an actor from some movie which I knew from sight and pointed him out to Dezi and she knew who he was but for the life of me I don’t know his name and can’t remember what he was in.  I’m good with faces but names forget-about-it.
     We all made it through brunch and decided to move on to Farmer’s Market & The Grove to meet up with my sister in law and niece we all had a fun visit and I even got the girls to pose for pics at the American Girl store with the ballerina doll.  This was their old favorite place in fact we all 4 (girls) while both families were in New York for a family vacation went to the American Girl store and saw the American Girl play there.  Now if that is not a fan then I don’t know what they were. J Those were the days.
     At about 4:15 Dezi started getting antsy.  She even texted me as not to hurt her aunt and cousins feelings saying that she was getting nervous could be please get to the airport.  The text was along the lines, “Mama please can we go I am getting nervous.”  I showed Pat, we said our goodbyes and we were off to the airport.  It really took us no time at all to get there.  At around five we were there when I start to hear what felt and sounded like a loud fast shriek, with Dezi asking…”How did I let Grace talk me into this?  Wow I never thought I would ever really be here!  Wow, look at the size of those planes!  Did you know that the airport was so big?  Why did I do this again?  I don’t even like to be on a ladder?  Why was this so close?  Maybe I should just go home!  What if we can’t find everyone?
     Meanwhile, we were telling her she was going to be fine.  She was a strong girl who could do anything she put her mind through.  That she had lived through some of the worst things around for your age bullying, your nieces passing and cutting. This is fun and a piece of cake and a trip of a lifetime.  To take deep breath and know you are one strong lady who can do anything you put your mind to.
     Once we got inside and she saw Bryce’s dad she seemed to calm down a great deal.  Then, more trickled in as did Sharon the leader along with her bestie, Grace, the world had now straightened itself.  Pictures were taken, laughs spread, and then Sharon made the announcement that they should say their good-byes it was time to check in their luggage.  We could stay if we wanted or we could leave.  We decided to stay in case her luggage was too heavy and they decided to chuck some stuff we could take it home for her.  As Dezi turned to hug me she looks deep into my eyes with a look that says, “I’m warning you.”  So, I put it in check.  Gave her the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek and whispered that, “I love you, you are the greatest gift from God and I know you will have a wonderful time and it will be a trip of a lifetime.  But I will miss you Sweet Pea.”  She quickly backs up and points her finger at me and says, “Don’t do it mommy don’t or you will make me cry!” I look away so I won’t break as she gets engulfed by her daddy in the biggest bear hug you ever saw.

     She quickly walks away without looking back.  We watch her go and I just stand there having this long discussion with God saying, “Now listen you and I talked this over a little over 16 years ago now about what I wanted.  You said to be exact in my prayers, wants, and needs and I was.  So, here me now it took us way to long to have this baby and you did exactly what I asked of you and I have always believed in you and you have always done exactly what I asked maybe not in the way I asked and I totally get that and I totally surrender to you again I do.  Please God this is my baby girl please keep her safe as well as all the children you are taking with her.  Her dad and I have worked so hard to do all that you have asked in with all the children okay maybe not church but you know why.  But, we do tell about you and your miracles especially the one getting on that plane, our three children that are fully grown and everything else in our life good and bad.  Please God just hear me now bring her back now not too would be the cruelest joke ever.  I ask this in Jesus name Amen.”

     So, as we stood there we saw that the kids were just standing around so finally we walked up to Dezi and asked did you have a problem with you luggage?  She says no and that it made it on.  Gave her and her friend Grace hugs again and we left walked away and waited until we saw them all leave around the corner of the security international flights.
     We decided to go to the Grove for dinner and wait for lift off since this was Dezi’s first flight ever in case she chickened out.  All was fine we were a little numb I guess we all worked so hard to get here and now, “Wow she is gone.” So, we are at dinner and all is good we decided to share a meal at The Cheese Cake Factory they are just serving it when Dezi calls me, I hear, “Mom…(a pause) we are getting ready to board the plane…(pause) I just wanted to tell you and daddy I love you. (Pause) They said we are going to be boarding now.”  “Dezi this is going to be a chance of a lifetime baby girl, you are going to have so much fun.  I can’t wait till you get back and show me all your pictures and that video log that you will be doing for us.”  Trying to be as upbeat as I can because I can hear it in her voice that she is unsure. “Do you want to talk to daddy?”  “Yeah!”  “Hey, Dezi!  So, your taking off now are you?  You will have a great time we can’t wait to hear all about it.  Dezi?  Dezi are you still there?   Dezi?  Oh Okay well you have a great time I love you.  I love you to baby girl.  Bye!”  And he hangs up.  HE HANGS UP! HE HANGS UP! IS HE CRAZY?  I lose it.  I can’t believe he didn’t let me say goodbye again and she was so shaky.  I start crying and can’t seem to stop.  The tears just won’t stop. 
     We both look at each other and try to muddle through dinner but it wasn’t working.  So we ask her to box up dinner mind you it was already a shared meal so she just laughs and says, “Saving yourself for dessert?”  “At that point I am ready for all the chocolate at SEES.  So, we order just one their Red Velvet Cheese cake to share, lord does that first bite taste sinful and then the second.  After that the third just tasted like sand paper was imagined to taste like.  She boxed that up to go home too.  Enough was enough it was time to go to hang out at Barnes and Noble get our quad Coffee to go since we had to get back up the mountain in holiday traffic after 10:00 pm at night.  At 9:39 my phone rings, “Momma, you will never guess!  We get head phones, a blanket, a pillow, they are going to feed up dinner and breakfast.  You should see the games we get to play and we can watch a movie! Can you believe that?”  “Wow, Dezi that is so cool are you on the top deck of the two decker or the bottom?”  “The bottom.”  Are you sitting by Grace or Kylee?”  “Grace in close to me but Kylee in next to me.  Mom this is too cool!  Mom?  I just wanted to tell you and daddy and to tell you I love you!” (Pause)  “Dezi if they are giving you instructions or if you want to play with the stuff I can let you go. (Pause) Dezi you Okay?”  “Momma I’m going to let you go before you start to cry again okay?  I love you and tell daddy too okay?  Love you bye!” And that was that.  Our coffees were ready that at the Starbucks at Barnes and Nobles and we could go home. I looked at her dad and said, "She's killing me a slow death is happening right now.  Do you see it?"
     So, this morning I am thinking wow, got home around midnight and couldn’t go to sleep right away so it was about 3 or 3:30 before we both finally fell asleep.  I woke first and started the coffee.  Was writing in my journal about my day when we get the update stating that the child that we that had landed already was in fact not landed where we that she had.  Nope she had in fact land in Brisbane.  Due to high winds they had to fly much higher and used more fuel.  Which my poor baby girl got air sick and thank god made it to the restroom in time.  Her dad and I were so glad we went over how sometimes there is this little thing called “air turbulence.”  Especially this being her first time flying, Thanks goodness for Kylee she give her, her phone to use so she could make contact with us at the airport there and say she was okay.   The cutest part was that she just had to talk to her 5 year old little niece that lives with us.  She felt cheated because she was with her dad when Dezi left and she knows that Ally will not understand why her favorite aunt is not around for 20 days. So, she wanted to tell her she loved her.  Since then we have been getting regular updates of all the fun things that she has been doing.

     She has seen the Sydney Opera House, learned to surf, Sydney Harbor Cruise, Surf Rescue School, even tried Kangaroo meat, trip to Mrs. Mac’s Chair, and today was a very cold trip to Echo Pt. Blue Mt. 3 Sisters Rocks, it was near freezing. This catches you up to today and what we know so far will keep you posted.

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