Talkin’ Sports
With Pat

1.)  The Clippers have a new owner finally.  So now maybe that team will start winning.  Good to see.

2.)  The Browns have decided to start Hoyer over Johnny football, probably a good idea for the time being.

3.)  Even though she lost the other night she still packed the stadium over 35,000 for a little league World Series game.  More people than most Pro Games.  She is still first female to throw a shut-out in Little League World Series history.


  1. i think the NFL is wrong for taking so much time in reviewing the case against Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns, for if they do give him a year suspension the Browns wont get him back now until August of next year and that is not enough time to get ready for a season. so really he would be missing two years. are they doing this because the time will be longer than what Ray Rice got? maybe. just wrong all around.

  2. i still don't like the words Mr. Goodell used saying Ray Rice admitted a mistake in hitting or assaulting his fiancee. i don't think if some boy or man hit one of his daughters he would call it a mistake. i would hope not. tired of double standards for athletes.

  3. here is some news i just read about. Amy Van Dyken, former gold medal swimmer was injured a 2 month ago in an ATV accident severing her spinal cord, but thanks to some new technology or i should say incredible medical technology. she actually took some steps today with an indego exoskeleton good for her made this is going forward for the future and other spinal cord injuries. hopefully.

  4. still cant wait for football season to start. i am glad that the Browns are not rushing Manziel. he had a rough night on Monday, just did not look ready and really did not look like he check out of any plays at the line of scrimmage. he is going to need film work and to understand defenses better.

  5. well good night and have a good week. all be safe.


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