Posted:  Aug. 21, 2014

Ex-undercover cop Cassidy Cooper always dreamed of becoming a bull rider and competing against the men. But more importantly she needs to rebuild her relationship with her thirteen-year-old son now that she’s home and done working the beat.
Dangerous … 
Things get tangled when John Risk, Cassidy’s former partner and lover, comes back on the scene working undercover on the rodeo circuit while trying to infiltrate a prescription drug ring. But are those John’s only intentions? Besides busting the pushers it seems John is determined to convince Cassidy she is the woman he wants forever. 
With danger and desire threatening to spin out of control, can Cassidy find room in her heart and her life to let John in once again? And…is there really a way for her to have it all? Conquer the toughest bulls, beat the top notch men and ultimately find the happiness she craves?

     This turned out to be a really good book.  The covers of each of these 3 books so far have done them no justice.  Yet, I have to say it was good.  Cassidy Cooper is a 27 year old single mother, who never took physical care of her son, Kevin.  It was her older brothers Caleb and Logan as well as her mother before she moved away.  She got pregnant at 15 and just didn’t know how to handle it all.
     She always wanted excitement in her life.  So at 18 she left for L.A., California to become a movie star which never seemed to happen.  Odd jobs wasn’t working for her so without any more options she became a LAPD officer and then an undercover cop with John Risk.  She became his “old lady” in a drug dealing motorcycle gang, The Highwaymen.  Somehow, a scantily dressed picture of her straddling the John’s Harley, it’s what all the members like to have their “old ladies” do.  So, naturally they assumed she was doing porn and drugs like the rest of the club they heard about on t.v.
     Upon arriving home she said she had been in rehab and done occasional porn (actually that is what they assumed and she didn’t correct them.)  Then she announced she was taking Kevin for a 6 week road trip while she got back into bull riding.  Logan hated the idea and Caleb was on the fence. (He and Cass were always closer growing up.)  Kevin was being an ass about the whole thing but she got him on board with some hard negations.  The whole time she is missing John Risk because after all that time undercover they ended up becoming a couple but he crossed the line and she nailed him and blew his cover and got him shot in the leg.  She turned in her shield but didn’t mean she still didn’t love him.  Because she missed him terribly, she was in love with him but she could no longer be undercover or take the back seat to his 24 hr. a day work schedule.  He never did anything just because or for fun.  Not even sex was enjoyable anymore.
     No sooner had they gotten there and in line to register when they run into none other than… John or should I say, “Pastor John.”  She is in shock but knew better than to blow his cover.  The owner over the rodeo introduced them.  They are both so stunned, they can’t take their eyes off each other.  Then Kevin, 13 years old, goes to whine about something and says, “Mom!”  John seems like he had just been slapped.  Now it is all they can do to find a stolen moment to ask quick questions…
     There are some sad, endearing moments, moments where you just want to wash Kevin’s mouth out with soap or at the least yell at him, other times you just laugh.  I give this 4 stars only because for me it did have some lulls in it.  Provided by Net Galley. Follow us at:

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