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1.)  Jeter’s Last game in Yankee Stadium starts with a Double off the wall.  People sports talk have been complaining because his avg. is down but he is still 3rd on the team in hits. 145 – Ellsbury 156 & Prado 151, lead the team – Oh wait there out Disabled list.  Now what?  You have to play Jeter.  I wish those guys would look at numbers.

2.)  Those same talking head’s are not sticking up for one of their own Bill Simmons.  Who called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a liar, along with some other words?  ESPN suspended him for 3 weeks.  Steven A. Smith weeks or months ago, “That women bring it upon themselves.”  He was suspended for one week and regretted & or apologized.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

3.)  On a lighter note, Mike Condon the head football coach for Virginia Cavaliers, There was a nice story on how he was a match for his daughter bone marrow transplant.  He was a perfect match even when they did the procedure it was one in 10,000 it would take but it did.  She is now in College.  A great feel good story.


  1. well i am watching the Yankees playing and seeing them blow another lead. up 5-2 in the ninth Robertson the closer gives up a two run shot and a single home run to allow Baltimore to tie the game. But wouldn't you know it the Yankees get a base hit then Gardner bunts him to second and up steps JETER and he gets a base hit to win the game. his last home game as a Yankee and there is no better way to go out!!!

  2. this week is the Packers Bears game oldest in the NFL. Last year in Chicago facing 4th down Rogers hits Cobb for a game winning TD. Sweet. made up for them taking him out earlier in the season. Rogers is 10-3 against the Bears, Starr was 15-5 and Favre was 22-8. just about how many games we were behind in the head to head meetings. now it is Chicago 93 wins Green Bay 89 with 6 ties. Looking for win # 90 Sunday, would also be # 700 in Packer history only Chicago has more.

  3. Last Saturday i enjoyed watching the Mississippi State vs LSU, football game that was a good college game and the quarterback for Mississippi State is going to be only getting better, watch out.

  4. Hockey preseason is getting under way and i am looking for ward to Hockey season this year. Have to start looking at the Eastern teams to see what their up to i have only been following the Kings after the draft.

  5. well Arizona State is leading u.c.l.a. 13-17, Brett Hundley is playing for U.C.L.A. still early see what happens.

  6. Thanks for looking talk to you all next week.


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