Worth The Fall
Claudia Connor
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 Sometimes when we’ve been hurt and our hearts have been injured our spirits broken, we can close ourselves up.  That is exactly what Abby Davis has done her whole life or at least since the age of five.
     She has been let down, left behind, and made to feel like she’s just not enough to be loved and be around for.  She ended up married to Josh an older man who came family less like herself.  He was so wrapped up in making a buck he never noticed she would gladly give it all up to have him around for her and the family they had.  Four beautiful children later and one on the way he dies in a plane crash when her lawyer husband who would jet set off to work with the rich and famous clients he had.
     Seven months later it was summer and best friends Angie and Joe had bailed on coming with her and the kids to the beach resort they had made plans for with all their kids.  She, Annie her eldest, Gracie, 3 ½ and Charlie 2 ½were all building a sand castle or at least trying.  Not Jack, he was going to be able to play football this year so he timed out of castle making to throw the football around alone.  At the same time out swimming to let off some steam is Matt McKinney, 34, a bachelor and a Navy SEAL.  As he is swimming, Jack, beans him square on the back, a total lucky shot.  Good shot thought Matt, Jack looking unsure waits to see what Matt will do.
     Matt gets out walks over to Jack and tosses him the ball.  It hits him in the chest and drops.  Matt thinks, “Butterfingers.”  Then gets mad at himself for thinking that but all the brothers he has it is natural to jab one another and throw out barbs.  When Jack looks up and says he can’t catch.  Matt says that’s okay his dad will teach him to throw and catch not to worry too much.  Jack looks up at him again and says, he can’t throw either he’s dead.
     Now Matt feels horrible so he says he’ll work with him for a little while and he tosses back and forth with Jack.  He is really bad at both throwing and catching but Matt loves that he’s got all heart for it.  Jack’s so excited that he yells to his mom to see she waves at him and Matt.  Matt waves at her but can’t really make her out for she is kneeing in the sand with her back to them but it’s weird he feels a spark.  He is caught off guard no one has ever given him that feeling.  Then she comes over to chit chat and he gets this overwhelming calm he has not had in almost two years.  He had only a week left on leave and planned on leaving but now he didn’t think so with her alone with the kids and this feeling of calm with her and the kids…
     I totally enjoyed this story.  The children steal your heart from the get go.  You will feel the anguish that little Annie feels from your heart to your toes and back again.  Jack was such a little GI Joe spirit who looks up to this hero from the sea he found.  Then there’s Gracie the free spirited love child who just tugs at your heart.  Matt is just this man that wants to love and be loved and this story tells that simple story of two people who find it when they were not looking and the pureness of it.
     The relationship between Matt and Abby was an interesting mix of trust issues, fear, unbelievable soul binding love, and friendship.  Promises made and promises broken.  I give this 5+ stars.  Provided by net galley.
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Claudia Connor attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England. Always a lover of happy endings, she enjoys movies, reading, and spending her days putting on paper the stories in her head. She lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.

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