Posted:  Oct. 22, 2014

Holiday at Magnolia Bay by Tracy SolheimWhen Navy SEAL Drew Lanham sees Jenna Huntley rising out of Magnolia Bay, she reminds him of the goddess of the sea, but he has to ignore her siren’s call as he’s home on a brief leave trying to recover from a devastating mission where he lost a teammate. 

Jenna’s more interested in protecting and studying Sea Turtles and building a local hatchery than in men; except when she first locks eyes with Drew, she realizes he just might be the one man who can pull her out of her lab and into his bed to celebrate Christmas Magnolia Bay style.

I really enjoyed this holiday short.  This is centered on Andrew Lanham (Drew) who is at his godmother’s home in Magnolia Bay, South Carolina.  He is on R & R.  You see Drew is a Navy SEAL who is suffering from PTSD, due to his last mission where he was ordered to board a chopper and leave remains of a SEAL member behind in the desert overseas.  You see they have a code that they live by as SEALs “Never leave anyone behind.”
     The nightmares and the sounds of the chopper blades in his nightmares bring him to the mission with a earth shattering remorse of being alive.  You see Drew felt this need to save everyone due to an event that happened in his past.  But with him on orders for the R & R it was killing him.  So, instead of heading to San Diego he came to Aunt Evie’s beach home to recoup.
     His first day there he meets the “Turtle Goddess of the Sea” as he likes to call her, privately of course.  Jenna Huntley but on that first day he only finds out it is Jenna.  She had walked out of the ocean to go over to a group of curious boys who were looking at the turtle eggs that were behind the fence clearly marked, “NO TRESSPASSING!”  He had seen the boys and wouldn’t have let them hurt anything considering the nest were in front of Aunt Evie’s and she loved them with a passion.  But he knew boys were curious and needed to check things out that’s how they learned.  But Jenna came out full force and hot as hell at them.  She was a curvy sexy as hell vixen. He finally said something in the boy’s defense and she jumps not knowing he was there.  She started to turn on him, when he used his SEAL voice like he used with his team on the boys.  He explains their wrong they agree and they agreed not to do it again he said, “OK.”  She goes to yell at the boys some more after she regains her composer and stare down with him.  When she realizes that the boys had already run off.  So starts the hotty totty dance between Jenna and Drew.
     I loved the batter of this couple throughout this whole story.  They were not easy on one another at all and yet they had such a soft spot for one another.  They knew there was something there to be leery of but also there was something there to be loved too.  That is where the fears come in.  Causing so many mistakes that take us all on a wild ride.  I give this story 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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