Posted:  Oct. 27, 2014

Snowbound in Montana by C.J. CarmichaelWhen Eliza Bramble signs up for a Christmas mountain ski adventure with sexy mountain guide Marshal McKenzie, she’s looking to escape the attention of a two-timing charmer and find some inner peace. Instead, a blizzard traps her in a remote mountain hideaway with Marshall and two other families in need of their own Christmas miracles.

Christmas is looking like a write-off, until Marshall suggests they make the best of what they have, and work together. The avid outdoorsman has a special touch with people…and with Eliza in particular. Soon she realizes Marshall isn’t just fixing Christmas — but her broken heart, too.

   This is a case of nice guy finishes first.  Marshall McKenzie is leader of the Baker Creek Lodge Cross Country Adventure.  This will be a 4 days that is its home base, with daily runs to different trails leaving from that point and back again.  He’s highly qualified for this job for he started skiing as a kid soon after his twin brother died.  He had been sent to live with an aunt and uncle.  They both enjoyed the outdoors of Colorado namely skiing.  In his teens he was on a junior ski team where he had host families that helped raise him.
     You see his parents were divorced so once his brother died his life imploded.  He sees his mom once a year now for 48 hours because that’s about all they can both take.  Because the memories become too strong.  He grew up knowing even before the age of nine when his brother died, that his mother loved his brother more than him.  He grew up thinking he wasn’t good enough.  Then when on the skiing team, another skier crashed into him when he had the right of way.  His parents never came to see him when he was injured, forever enforcing that he was not important.
     The day before the trip a woman comes into the store and says she would like to go on the trip his boss says it’s filled.  He comes out of the back room and his boss asks him.  When Marshall says he’s really sorry but it’s been booked for several weeks already.  This lady is none other than Eliza Bramble.  She is trying to get the hell out of Dodge.  Her ex is coming into town.  Country western singing artist John Urban.  He’s coming because they used to date and he had seen her blog about the B & B.
     Even though she thinks she still loves him, she knows she can’t say no to anything he might want.  Even though she knows she left him for cheating on her.  How sick is that she has asked herself a million times.  His coming to the B & B just doesn’t feel right there is something up John’s sleeve.  That is why she needs to get out of Dodge.  The skiing trip is the perfect answer.  She started skiing two years ago, so this seems to be perfect.  She just needs him out of her life.  Marshall agrees to take pity on her since he remembers from two years ago since he was the one who sold her, her skiing gear.
     The thing is the weather does not agree with the group that it’s the perfect time to go skiing.  You see not only does a cold front move in but a blizzard.  Four whole days that is what they have to look forward to.  After the first night kit gloves come off when Wi-Fi was lost.  They could lose electricity but not Wi-Fi.  Not a great thing to have happen on a trip with strangers.  Marshall does his best to make everyone comfortable.
     So, this is where the fun begins.  You got to read it to find out what fun that might be.  There are so many layers to Marshall and Eliza as well as all the other couples and families.  You won’t want to miss any of them.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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