Posted:  Nov. 6, 2014

The Billion Dollar Player by Mandy BaxterIn The Billion Dollar Player by Mandy Baxter, Jase Blackwell, starting tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, is a pro when it comes to football—and to women. Never one to shy away from a challenge, "Billion Dollar Blackwell" is finally able to get the cute waitress he’s had his eye on out for a little fun. But when their steamy encounters inspire Jase to play better than he ever has before, he has to wonder if this exciting woman is more than just a good luck charm… Avery Lockhart doesn’t understand why a pro football player would want to go out with her. Incredibly wealthy and undeniably sexy, Jase Blackwell is everything she thinks she’s not. Getting a little closer to this enigmatic billionaire, however, proves too much for Avery to resist. But as their passion heats up, so does Jase’s game play, and soon, the rumors start to fly. Is Avery only being kept around to ease Jace’s pre-game superstitions? Or, like she believes, does their connection run deeper…? 

     Absolutely enjoyed this story of Jason (Jase) Blackwell, the “Billion Dollar Blackwell,” as he has been called in the press.  The reason being his family has money now not always been that was way by a long shot.  In fact, it wasn’t until his no good father left and his brother Ryder took over the ranch and made it into a huge success.  He and his twin were already in high school by then.  So, since his brother has the most expensive box seats for the Cowboy’s games, the media want to know if he bought his way on to the team.
     The team is smelling the playoffs in their hands but Jase has been off a little so Carson Rider the starting Q.B. is starting to ride him about his stiffness and maybe it being old age.  But Jase know Carson is kidding, Carson does say he should get laid.  He says no way he does believe in that sports fairytales.  They are talking this over at the team party, when they hear the crashing of broken glass.  He turns and looks to see the tiniest petit emerald green eye beauty he had ever seen.  And a woman bitching at her for messing up her dress with Champaign.  Carson says, Jase should go help her.  He says, no at first then does it anyway.
     When he tries to help she says no!  Then he takes it upon himself to pick up some towels since none of her fellow workers were going to help.  He asks her name she says Avery Lockhart. She tries to show she is confident and has it handled but she was shaking like a leaf.  Especially, when she was thinking about the tall hunk of a man that was trying to get into her pants.  Why would he want anything else with to do with her?
     Avery was a very simple girl, putting herself through school (Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy.)  She wanted more but her clumsiness was a communicable disease.  These two had goals but their paths had crossed and now their worlds were about to be shaken up.  I give this 5 stars.
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