TO DIE FOR                                                  PHILLIP HUNTER
Posted:  Nov. 29, 2014

To Die For (The Killing Machine, #1)A broken man.

A broken city.

A ray of hope.

A poignant thriller a damaged ex-boxer in London's ganglands. This powerful debut is a surprisingly empathetic read, dark but redemptive.

Joe, is an ex-boxer, ex-military, who is now doing small jobs with other guys in crime nothing to big. They decide to rob a casino and after a few days go by and he does not hear from anyone about his cut he tracks down one of the guys. He finds out that one of the other guys on the crew ended killed two days after they had finished. He then goes on to explain that another job he did with someone else a guy on that crew ended up killed afterwards also. Being a big guy this guy did not want to bring it up to him, but now Joe is figuring that he is being set up as the fall guy for something bigger and must get to the bottom of it. He has nothing to lose for his life is over either way. A good book with strong characters and you get caught up in the story as well. A great job really enjoyed the book. I got this book from net galley.

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