Gallery: Holiday Thoughts for the coming 2015
Posted: Dec. 4, 2014

Although this is the way we would like to believe that we all live all year long. In reality we are more along the lines of…

Truthfully, there is no fairytale but the modest humble home that shows that a real family dwells within.
We have to appreciate that for so many reasons…

There are those who have real problems and not having coffee in the house to make a new pot.  Thank you for securing our freedom.

It’s not being petty in order to make ourselves feel better at others expense.  We are all beautiful.  No matter our size.

Being grateful for the food on our table no matter what it is but making it a feast that we can have fun.  To sit & talk as a family.  Joy & Happiness are a choice made by you.  So, make it already get a jump on 2015.

We here at 1 Rad-Reader Review want to thank you for coming back on a regular basis to see what great books and new authors we have been reading.  We have been so blessed to meet some really great authors that have become our good friends.  Although we have not met in person we have talked over the net with a few over the course of this 1 ½ years a great deal a times. 
We have shared new births, sorrowful deaths, and great laughter and shared our prayers for each other for trials and tribulations we all may have been going through at different times.  This ladies and some gents have been giving of their time and the friendship and for that we/I am truly grateful and hope they know how much they mean to us. 
We hope to continue to do our best to bring you the reviews doing our best to share our views of how we see the great efforts these authors put into the works that they share with the world.  It is no easy task.  I share with you here but I too am trying my hand at writing and boy the writing of your thoughts is easy but getting it to the work that is ready to display to you all is painstakingly hard.  I take my hat off to all these authors for the courage it takes.
Look forward to more author interviews to come I know we have slacked off but this summer put me so far behind on my reading list with my daughters trip to Australia that I really felt I needed to catch up.  I read in long spirts and then it is time for play.  That is where I am today.
Please keep coming back and we wish you the best for 2015.
Health, Love, Family, & True Happiness

Char, Pat, & Dezi 

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