INTERVIEW:Scott McEwen Author Of: Target America (Sniper Elite #2)

We would like to welcome
Scott McEwen
Author of
Target America

(Sniper Elite #2)

Rad-Reader:  Are all the characters on Gil’s team based on men and women that you have met over the years?

Scott:   Yes.  The characters are definitely based mainly on SEALs that I have got to know personally, and those that I have met through social interactions.

Rad-Reader:  Is Gil loosely based on some of the men you met at the bar in the prologue to “Sniper Elite?”

Scott:  Definitely.  Gil is the embodiment of several SEALs I have known-most of whom were snipers.  The individual I described in the beginning of Sniper Elite was a SEAL that I met in Coronado that had been wounded multiple times in a firefight and stayed in the battle until medivac'd for treatment.  This is the "Never Quit" attitude that Gil represents.

Rad-Reader:  How difficult is it for you to find out about Black op missions and then change parts for your stories?

Scott:  Really not difficult at all.  It adds to the fun of writing the scene, because the reality of what actually occurred is many times more surreal than the fiction you are attempting to fill in around it.

Rad-Reader:  Why did you come up with Montana as the Place for Gil and wife Marie to live?

Scott:  The State of Montana was just by chance chosen by my co-author Jim Koloniar and myself.  Although I must admit I know a few very tough SEALs from Montana.

Rad-Reader:  How much time do you spend in research for the book, example weapons?  I know there are guys out there that look for mistakes all the time?

Scott:   It is very important that the weapons, and their capabilities/ballistics, etc. be accurate.  The research is done through various means, including my discussions with the guys that are snipers.   I know the .300 Winchester Magnum very well, as I grew up hunting and shooting very long distances with it.

Rad-Reader:  Do you worry how close a scenario like the one you describe can actually happen?

Scott:  It is not a "worry" per se.  However, the scenario in Target America (the second novel in the Sniper Elite series) was meant to give people a wakeup call in many ways.  Our enemies have thought out their methods of attack in ways we have yet to understand.

Rad-Reader:  Was it difficult combining the ideas of SEALs and Delta Force working together?

Scott:  Not at all.  Both are well respected Special Operations troops, which work together on a regular basis.  While they come from different backgrounds and disciplines, their training and skill-sets overlap.  At the end of the day, they are some of our toughest and most highly trained gun-fighters.

Rad-Reader:  Did you already have the history of the neighbor and mother in law or did you come up with that for the story?

Scott:  No, that was completely made up for the story, although the dog (Oso) was created based on a Chesapeake Bay Retriever I grew up with.

Rad-Reader:  Do you take from some of the other books you have written (American Sniper & Eyes on Target) and add them to the story?

Scott:  I don't take from the books per se, but I definitely work from the methods of operating that I learned of in writing those books.

Rad-Reader:  How much did those books help you with this book Sniper Elite #1 & #2?

Scott:  The knowledge I gained of the training, attitudes and methods was extremely important.  

Rad-Reader:  Have you thought about doing a book about the SEALs you met at the bar?

Scott:  Definitely.  More to follow....

Rad-Reader:  I know you were into hunting, did your knowledge around weapons make it easier for you to understand the sitting, wind, direction, etc… when writing about it?

Scott:  Certainly.  Marksmanship of any type is really a function of how you use the tool (rifle or pistol) and understanding the environment you are shooting in.  The bullet will act the same way virtually every time you "launch it."  Your job as the shooter is to understand those characteristics and ballistics.

Rad-Reader:  I enjoyed the book “American Sniper,” did being friends with Chris Kyle, help you in anyway in talking to other former SEALs?

Scott:  Most definitely.  Because Chris and I were friends, and because Chris and I trusted each other, it gives me an immense amount of "street cred" with other SEALs, some of whom personally knew Chris, and others did not.  All SEALs know of Chris' service and his Patriotism.

Rad-Reader:  Your book “Eyes on Target,” I liked too.  I was really impressed by the last part with, The Benghazi account.
How difficult was it to get those papers?

Scott:  A lot of research went into obtaining those papers.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of people that did not want the truth to be told of what took place in Benghazi.  Our focus was to point out the heroic acts of Ty Woods and Glen Dougherty, both heroes that should be recognized as such.

Rad-Reader:  Now that you are into your third book of “Sniper Elite.”  Are the story lines still easy to come up with or is it starting to be more difficult to keep it fresh?

Scott:  The enjoyment with Sniper Elite is putting Gil in scenarios that he must use his skill set to get out of and get his job done.  SEALs are expected to use their skill set, but also to be innovative in overcoming obstacles, and destroying enemies.  This is always fun to write about.

Rad-Reader:  Your book “Target America” shows how easy it is to cross the border.  Has anyone suggested any changes that we could make?  Therefore it would become more difficult?

Scott:  We have the means and the man-power to close that border within a very short period of time, if the political will existed to do so.  It was our intention to let the reader know that enemies of this country know how easy it is to get through that border.

Rad-Reader:  When is the third book “The Sniper & the Wolf” expected to be released?

Scott:  May, 2015.  Already out for pre-sale on Amazon and other electronic sites.

Rad-Reader:  Now that my hubby has all his questions I have a few of my own.  Like if your book “Sniper Elite” was made into a movie who would you want to play Gil and his wife Marie? (I like to add stars pics if the author gives me names of stars.J)

Scott:  Very good question.  The series is now in development with Kevin Misher Films.  Kevin is well known for producing a variety of works, but notably was in charge of Universal Pictures when they developed the Jason Bourne series.  No actors have been chosen to date, but a director has.  I am unable to disclose the details at the moment, but it will be out soon.
Well, you know I can’t let my girls down so My Hubby did some brainstorming and this is his pick for Gil & his wife. They are the ones that would fit those characters the best in his mind’s eye.
Jon Huertas & Yvonne DeLaRosa

Rad-Reader:  If you had a theme song for you book “Sniper Elite” what song would sum it up? 

Scott:  Expect No Mercy - Nazareth  

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Scott:  Pretty much anywhere.  I have seen the books for sale in airports all over the world, and they are now in print in over 30 languages.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers reach you like a site, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter?

Twitter:  @authorsmcewen

On behalf of 1Rad-Reader we would like to thank you for being with us to share a little about your process in writing your exciting books. My Hubby would really like to “Thank you!”  He enjoyed reading “American Sniper & Eyes on Target.”  He’s looking forward to your next book.  Thanks again,

Char & Pat

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