Posted:  Dec. 16, 2014

Say You Will (The Alexanders, #5)Mara Simmons knows two things for sure: her instincts are always right and Trent Townsend is The One. So when she starts to suspect his frequent business trips have nothing to do with business, she knows what she has to do. Trust her instincts.

Trent Townsend is living a lie and his worlds are on the verge of colliding. He's done so much to separate his small town life from his past that one day he realizes he can't tell what's real anymore.

When Mara asks family friend Eli Alexander to investigate, she sets in motion a chain of events bigger than she can imagine. Soon she'll have to make a choice. Stand by her man or… watch it all fall apart.

WARNING: This book contains brazen lies, meddling sisters, encounters with the 1 percent and really hot domineering billionaire bachelors. Just saying...

- Book 0.5 - Teasing Trent - the prequel
- Book 1 - One More Day ~ Jackson & Ridley
- Book 2 - The Things I Do for You ~ Nick & Raina
- Book 3 - He's the Man ~ Matt & Penny
- Book 3.5 - Christmas with The Alexanders
- Book 4 - All I Need is You ~ Elliott & Kaylee
- Book 5 - Say You Will ~ Trent & Mara
- Book 6 - Just One Thing ~ Bennett & Katie (Fall 2014)

     Secrets, lies, and love don’t mix and that is what Trent Townsend brings to the relationship with Mara Simmons.  Mara is the gorgeous twin to Matt.  She is a no non-sense kinda girl.  She calls a spade a spade.  She has worked for everything she has including the home she lives in.  She got help with the down payment from her brother, which Trent didn’t like?
     Let me back up, you see Trent and Matt became roommates in college.  One look at Mara and Trent was stunned and in love at first sight.  He could not get enough of her.  But, they were all just friends for a long time.  Trent was known to be like the surfer dude, since that is why he picked that college and because of Mara…
     The first time Mara had seen Trent she knew he was totally different than any of the guys she ever dated or was interested in.  She always caught him staring at her and with such a loving and caring way.  He was always so fully engaged whenever they spoke that she always felt so special.  It was an easy transition to falling in love with him.  Then, when he asked her to marry him it felt right to her.  Moving in together was what came natural after he asked her to marry him.
     But, then Trent’s father had a heart attack and you see Trent couldn’t tell the woman he loves after all these years that the story he told about his family and where they live was a lie.  So, rather than take the time to tell her he chose to live a double life.  You see at the same his older brother has a melt down and refuses to take the helm at the family business Townsend Industries.

     So, his father calls and tells him he can no longer run away from his responsibilities he has to run the business until he can do it.  At the same time his brother’s family needs tending, his sister has a family, and can’t do anything.  So, he tells more he has to travel for the company he works for, staying gone up to two weeks.  Until the lies and secrets start to unwind.  See what Mara and Trent do in this compelling saga of the Alexander’s.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:

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