Posted:  Dec. 16, 2014

The Navy SEAL's Christmas Bride by Cora SetonIt’s Christmas time at Crescent Hall, but don’t expect peace, harmony and goodwill among men. When Mason Hall and his wife, Regan, invite their friends to stay for the holidays, sparks fly in an epic battle of the sexes, military style!

Navy SEAL Dan Hemmins goes head to head with soldier Sarah Metlin to prove once and for all that woman can’t possibly qualify for an elite branch of the military, but when Sarah proves she’s not just one of the most qualified warriors he’s ever met, she’s also one of the smartest and sexiest, too, he’ll do whatever it takes to get close to her, even if he has to challenge her to another contest…or three…or five!

     How do you live up to a legend? Especially when you created it in your own mind?  You can’t!  Is how.  You see all Sarah Metlin ever wanted was to be truly loved, accepted, and respected as a daughter, sister, woman, and soldier.  Not just as any soldier but a soldier of a Special Forces unit. 
     When you grow up in a home with a father and brothers in Special Forces it’s hard enough.  Try being the only girl and one who joins the U.S. Army to boot.  Not good!  Or should I say not good enough?  Because that is exactly what every man close to her thought and told her at every turn.  Not just them the U.S. Special Forces said she wasn’t accepted either. 
     Making contact with an old childhood friend from Wisconsin, was the vacation she so needed.  Regan and her husband Mason Hall, ex-Navy SEAL, asked her to visit during the Christmas holidays.  She agreed because she wanted to kick around with them leaving the Army, moving, transitioning into something new was going to take some time.  She needed to get her head on straight.
     Mason had also invited his friend another Navy SEAL Dan Hemmins to come and stay.  His options were limited since his folks had fallen through, their home sold so they were in the process of moving.  Dan had just retired and had only been home a week.  He also was there to kick some ideas around.  The ideas he has are for a new business.  He had also heard tell about the famous Hall obstacle course, wanted to see if it was a thing that could prove benefitual for his new venture.  
     The minute he sets eyes on Sarah he is enamored.  As well for Sarah except she holds back because she is always being challenged and belittled by men as well as used.  So, stand offish is an understatement.  Could this couple find a middle ground in order to become business partners at the very least?  Come read this very short story.  Enjoy the banter and the hot scenes that gives you a reason to fan yourself.
     I give this short story 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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