JUSTIN                                                     CHRISTI SNOW
Posted: Jan. 17, 2015

Justin by Christi SnowTara Malone is having one of those lives. Born to Oscar award-winning actor, Anthony Malone, and model-famous beauty, Veronica Scott, she should have it made. But her curvy figure and out-of-control frizzy red hair are just the start of her many, many issues. Now to make matters worse, she’s started out her week by running over model, Justin James, with her car. She had a lot of fantasies about the cover model, but never did any of them include vehicular assault.
Justin James doesn’t have time for two broken wrists, but neither does his over-achieving family. He can’t open up his fridge or unzip his fly without excruciating pain and no one else has the time to help him. Tara already shot him down at the accident scene, but maybe he can work this so that the curvy bombshell has a reason to hang around for a bit. He’s not above using guilt if it means he gets to know her better. 

When things are meant to be there is nothing that can stand in her way.  Not even Justin James, male model.  I mean really not him.  You see he was out for a jog, no shirt even (tan lines not good), and he was struck by a car that had jumped the curb.  She couldn’t even use the excuse it was his six pack that distracted her.
     No it was her own private designed app that tells her where she could buy a cup of much needed coffee.  You see she had to run out before her first cup to meet the needs of Veronica Scott who she is the personal assistant too.  The evil witch of exercise videos.  Tara Malone has thought about quitting but Veronica has killed her self-esteem over the years that she questions her looks a lot amongst other things.
     Especially when she is waiting with Justin for the ambulance and he starts flirting and hitting on her to the point of asking her out.  Here the man has two broken arms at least blood everywhere and this fireman is worried about her looking pale.  Enough to ask her on a pity date so she thinks.  Because Veronica has told her over and over again that men do not like women with so much curves like her.  He tries to tell her not a pity date all, just love of her heart shape ass and her womanly curves.  He loves that she loves like 1940’s pin-ups.
     When she visits the second day in the hospital after finding out the first night that his mom is an ER doctor.  And that she is not happy that the woman that ran him over is coming to see him.  But he does ask her to come back to visit.  There is no one to care for him so she offers to care for him since Veronica will be on vacation for a while.  Things start to move then…
     This was a cute short.  Not exactly unexpected as far as the outcome but cute.  I give it 4 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at:  www.1rad-readerreviews.com

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