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As much as I would like Green Bay, to win to weekend. The odds are not in their favor. Russell Wilson, is at 73% on third down in conversions that is making a first down. Best in the league for the last three years. Then since week nine when some of their injured defensive players came back their defense is better. The Packers defense has been better since week nine when they moved Mathews to inside on 1st and 2nd downs they still did not stop Dallas last week. Offensively if their line can play like they have over the last 7 weeks and Lacy have a big game then there is a chance, but as a fan of football I see the Sea Hawks winning by 6 points. In the other game I think New England will win by 7.                                                                                                              I know it has been a couple of weeks but the U.S. ski team lost two young members due to an avalanche. Very tragic.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
In baseball the Hall of fame elected four guys for the first time since the 50’s that is a big deal.


  1. i don't think the Colt's can get the breaks they need to beat New England, both home teams this week are hard to beat. Can be done but need to pressure the quarterbacks and curate turnovers. Also both visiting teams must score Touchdowns not field goals to have a chance.

  2. in the Baseball Hall of Fame, i still cannot believe that the Dodgers traded Martinez to the Expos for Delino Deshields. And that he and Randy Johnson were both Expos at one time, what a staff? 1955 was the last time four people were elected to the Hall of Fame at one time.

  3. Well Ohio State really took it to Oregon the other night, they just looked liked they used their power to move that D-line and then it was off to the races. The score might have been worse were it not for those turnovers.

  4. The two American skier who were killed in the avalanche were Ronnie Berlack and Bryce Astle. They were in a group of six skiers that were descending from a mountain when the avalanche started a short time after their descent. Prays go out to their families.

  5. Well after this weekend we will know the two teams for the Super Bowl. As for this Talk-in' Sports i am thinking about changing things up a little. with what my wife calls useless information or stats that i don't know why i know them form 40 years ago but cannot remember what i was supposed to get from the story. Also i will be at times talking about sports books that i have read. So get ready for the change next week.Have a great week.


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