THE BEST MAN                                     ELLA ARDENT
Posted:  Jan. 30, 2015

The Best Man by Ella ArdentYou are invited to a wedding...

• where a mysterious lover fulfills a secret fantasy - and finds his own dream come true.
• where a disappointed woman finds true love - in the most unlikely of places.
• where the bride and groom have second thoughts - but discover a happy-ever-after beyond their wildest dreams.

Christine has always been in love with her best friend’s older brother, Jake. The fact that she’s maid of honor and he’s best man at Jess’s Caribbean wedding means that they’ll be thrown together repeatedly for the week of the festivities. Christine decides to make it count and tells Jake about her secret desire, hoping he’ll realize that he’s the fantasy lover she really wants. 

Jake has always wanted Christine to be more than his ‘other baby sister’ but doesn’t want to lose her friendship. When Christine confesses her secret desire, he appoints himself to make her fantasy come true. His only concern is the bet made at the stag, that whichever of the guys gets lucky first wins the money. Jake knows that winning the bet could mean losing Christine—fortunately, he’s a man willing to be creative in pursuit of the best prize of all.

     When you’ve loved someone since they were 4 years old and you thought of her as your “other little sister” or at least that’s what you allowed others to believe.  He kind of get nervous when your mind and heart are telling you it’s time to settle down.  Jake was at that point and being that his baby sister was going to be walking down with the man of her dreams at her very own destination wedding in the Caribbean he wanted that too.  He’s really got it foremost on his mind.
     Since he will be the best man and the woman of his dreams and heart will be there.  He’s got a shot of getting her to come on board with his way of thinking.  She’s the maid of honor to his best man, Christine.  She is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman and they are best friends and that has been holding him back.  All these years he has not wanted to mess up their friendship if a romance didn’t work out.  Now he can hug her, hold her hand, give her a kiss on the head or temple any time he wants and no one thinks it odd.  Plus he loves how they banter and talk about any and all things.  She is his ideal woman.
     Christine really needs this vacation although it’s coming at the worst time.  This job that has now run over could be a career changer.  But she did promise Jess.  The thing is that she got no sleep the night before.  Worrying about what if she drank too much and spilled her guts out to Jake about how she felt about him.  You see she has been deeply madly in love with her best friend’s brother since forever.
     She was really getting so over going to or being in wedding.  Because it was showing her how alone she really is.  As usual she was the first one there.  After a while a rowdy group of guys come that she just ignores.  Until she feels one of them sit next to her.  He makes a statement causing to turn with a smile.  He tells her the rowdy group was Ryan’s friends (the groom.)  The loudmouth of the group Mark who kept trying to flirt with her came over and asked her what seat number she had.  All three of the guys wanted to know who the lucky one was who got to sit with her.  When he rattled off their seat numbers she looked at Jake like a deer in a head light.  Jake says, “Honey I’m going to check on our seats like we talked about.”  Jake was always saving her…
     I really enjoyed this first book in the trilogy.  Got it free on Amazon.  It is an erotica but I liked it because it was a really good story too which you don’t always get with an erotica.
I give this 5 stars.  Follow us at:

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