HEATED (When SEALS Come Home #4)

HEATED                                                  ANNE MARSH
Posted:  Feb. 17, 2015

Heated by Anne MarshHe sets her world on fire… 

Mercedes Hernandez is a “nice” girl who follows the rules. As the new sheriff of Strong, California, she’s responsible for making sure everyone else follows those rules too. She’s also had more than her fair share of Mr. Wrongs in her life, so the big, rough, too handsome, always laughing smoke jumper who roars through her town going ninety in a thirty-five-mile-an-hour zone is a definite problem. Not only is he breaking the law, but he just might break her heart. Speeding tickets can’t make him behave…so it might be time to break out the handcuffs for a more personal lesson in misbehaving.

And tempts her to be so very, very bad… 

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, smoke jumper and unrepentant bad boy of summer, Joey Carter loves fast bikes, hot women, and a good time because speed and pleasure drown the ghosts from the past. He’s never met a woman he wanted to slow down for, however, until he literally runs into the good sheriff of Strong, California. She’s sweet and sexy…and the more he acts up, the more she notices him. And he really, really likes the way she looks at him.

Joey may be on his second chance with the law—but he wants a first chance at love…if he can convince Mercedes to let down her guard and let him show her that he’d be happy to play by her rules…in bed.
     When you come from a past of loss and pain how do you trust enough to open up to someone new?  Well, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you keep on the QT and take them on a test drive.  Less risk of a broken heart and another loss of a great job.
     At least that’s the way Mercedes Hernandez saw it.  You see her long time high school sweetheart turned out to be all kinds of bad.  Effectively ending her career in law enforcement in the L. A. area before she really got started.  You know that “No consorting with convicted felons” it was ironclad rule.  Breaking it had given her and invitation to had in a letter of resignation with her badge and she turned a new leaf.  “NO BAD BOYS!”  Not worth the price tag.
     Then at her new job in Strong, California comes along ex-Navy SEAL and smoke jumper, Joey Carter.  A man who doesn’t like to take rules or follow them anymore.  His tours of duty had brought him back broken.  So, his insomnia was causing a need for speed.  A way to get an adrenaline rush.  Mercedes finds him sexy as hell but wanted no part of him since she had already given him 8+ speeding tickets.  You know she didn’t want history to repeat itself by having to leave a job over a guy who couldn’t follow the rules.
     She can’t seem to out run all his advances to go out with him.  She is attracted to him like bears to honey.  When her friends start to push her toward him she starts to consider him for real.  She doesn’t want to get hurt again so she goes into it as an on the fly and no strings attached.  Joey however agrees but is finding out fast that he is wanting a whole lot more but doesn’t want to scare her off.  He wants her to warm up to him and not just in his bed.  She had a risk taker like Joey knew she had a risk taker before who broke her heart, not going there again.  Or is she?  When ordered to stay away from him something opens up in Mercy.  Really confusing Joey completely.  What could that be?  Mercy’s heart?
     Totally enjoyed this book.  I did wish for more of an ending.  I think I wanted a twist like a baby I guess.  Anyway, still a good book.  I give it 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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