OUTRAGE AT BLANCO                         BILL CRIDER
Posted:  Feb. 28, 2015

Outrage at BlancoOn the day the bloodthirsty gang rode into Blanco, Texas, the bank was robbed, Ellie Taine was brutally assaulted, and her husband and another man were shot dead. Something within Ellie also died that day, and she would never be the same. Shotgun at her side, she rode out after the desperadoes and gave Texas one more outlaw--a woman bent on bloody revenge.

Outrage at Blanco, is a western story that did not start off as any old fashion western book that I used to read. Ellie Taine, on her way back to her ranch, farm to see her husband Burt, was stopped by two men and then taken advantage of. She fought like the devil and bit one of them but was knocked out. When she come to they were done and riding off. When she got back to the ranch her husband knew something had happened and asked her what the men looked like and then rode into town. Not knowing that they were meeting up with another man planning to robe the bank. When he got to town the delivery stable was on fire and the three men were on their horses riding towards him when he pulled on the rains his horse bucked because of the rain and one of the men shot him dead. Ellie did not find out until the next morning and then over hearing everything that went on in town buried her husband and rode out to the Crossland ranch where she overheard people talk in about Crossland son Gerald. When she got there the son was dead along with the Marshall from town. She told Mr. Crossland she was going after the two men who harmed her and killed her husband. He ends up going with her and actually helps her in tracking and giving her the fortitude to continue. The story goes back and forth between the robbers and Ellie and sometimes the town people. I am not going to tell you how it ends but I will say that over all it is a good story and probably more true to life than we would like to think and for that reason I am saying this is an outstanding book and true to life book. A very good read and the characters are hard when they need to be and in their mind wondering if it is the right thing. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 Stars.

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