DANCES WITH WOLF                           FARRAH TAYLOR
Posted:  March 9, 2015

Dances with Wolf by Farrah TaylorSome men can never be tamed…

Horse whisperer Abby Macready's love for animals runs as deep in her blood as her Native American heritage. If she were even half as good at reading men, she'd…well, she'd probably still be fantasizing about her best friend's big brother, Wolf Olsen. Playboy, cowboy, and breaker of Abby's teenage heart.

Staying on top of the rodeo circuit means that Wolf has to stay focused and never settle down. He certainly wasn't expecting to return to the Flathead Valley to find Abby's flashing dark eyes and a backside that could bring a man to his knees. But his sister's best friend is definitely off-limits…even if Abby's soothing touch has a completely different effect on Wolf. But this wild cowboy can’t let one sweet whisperer tame him…

     This story is what every girl has nightmares about.  Especially, when she falls in love with her BFF’s (best friend’s forever) big brother.  You see Abby (Abadabun) Macready was adopted from a Native American tribe when she was 3 years old.  You see her adoptive father Doc worked at the clinic in Salish where her Aunt Osa took her to be treated for an ear ache.  Doc and Marcie, his wife, live in the Flathead Valley of Montana.
     Growing up Abby was an only child just the way her mom Pima and father would have wanted it, so told by her aunt. Her parents were killed in a car accident.  Her aunt and tribe wanted more for Abby than her aunt could give her with four children of her own to care for.  Doc was a good man and she knew that she would be in good hands.  Abby was never lonely she had a second family basically to call her own that was longtime friends of her parents, the Olsen’s.  There was Jess and his wife Karen, and their three children, Wolf, Bridget, and Luther.  Bridget was her best friend.  They had no secrets and told no lies to one another.
     Well, maybe Abby kept one.  You see one day when she almost fell into the rose bushes and Wolf saved her from their extra-long thorns and he had looked deeply into her eyes.  That Day!  She had lost her heart to Wolf Olsen who was 2 years older than she was.  When Wolf out of the blue asked her to his senior prom, her 16 year old heart took a leap.  The cowgirl had no idea how to dress or be a lady.  Her mom and Bridget got her all set and ready to go.  When at the last minute Wolf calls to cancel.  Breaking her heart and never giving her a reason for the sudden change or why he was leaving town.
     All she knew for sure is that Rodeo was his life and it was his life.  More important than walking with his class for graduation, more than regular visits to visit his family, and more important than her feelings by giving her a straight answer.  Not six years has passed and he was back in town for her dad’s 65th birthday party.  He would be home for a week.  Everyone is stepping around her with kid gloves because everyone knew what the big rodeo star had done to her all those years ago.  So, they were all waiting to see how they would react.  But they talk but all he says is that he is sorry.  That is it.  No explaining at all.  So, really nothing.  So, her mom and everyone keeps warning her off him because of his rodeo rep and the cowboy life style.  Not know he had been change that really.
     Then a second chance was given to them both could they, would they, are they ready to or up for the challenge it would take to make it work?  They are different now.
     I really enjoyed the conflict between these old friends that fall in love with one another but are both just too afraid of their families to take a chance on one another.  I like the conflict it puts on their friendship as well, the meddling families, and the pain was portrayed truthfully.  The author gives you a front row seat on what it is like when emotions take over a situation and things are not well thought out or talked about.  So much time was wasted when talking could have saved them so much time.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.  Follow us at: 

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