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Posted:  March 13, 2015

Reunion in October by Gina ArditoFrancesca lost her first love. Emily's teetering on her last nerve. Will they risk their hearts to gain everything they both desire? Five years after her fiance, Michael, left her for a job on the other side of the country, Dr. Francesca Florentino is focused on her work as an emergency room physician and has no time for a love life. That is, until Josh Candolero charms his way into her heart on the same night Michael returns, vowing to win her back. Meanwhile, Emily Handler, a 911 dispatcher married to her high school sweetheart for the last seventeen years, can't seem to figure out what happened to that spark she and hubby, Roy, used to share in their marriage. A life-altering heart attack was not exactly the shake-up she had in mind. Now, both women will seize control of their lives and discover their hearts' true happiness for always. Welcome back to Snug Harbor, where the ocean breeze is a lover's kiss, and the salt air always carries a hint of love. 

     Let me just say this is the first book that I have read by Gina Ardito.  I have to tell you I hope it won’t be my last.  This author has such a natural ability of using humor and angst to get to the heart of the matter in her characters relationships.  This was one of those books that I was reading passages to my hubby because I was laughing so hard that he was so invested too I that when I would read what I had just read he would want to hear more.
     This book is about two relationships one that is 17 years in and on shaky ground.  This would be Emily and Roy Handler.  They met in high school when Em was a freshman.  When she was 16 and Roy 17 and getting ready to graduate they became pregnant.  Roy never hesitated a minute by saying let’s get married and build a family.  Now they have Mellie 16, Corey 14, Gabby 6, and Luke 8 months.
     They have weathered many storms.  Yet, the last several months have been rough Roy works at the hospital as a janitor from 8-5.  Em has been used to doing it all buy after Luke came she is exhausted all the time to the point of passing out.  Roy seems to take it as a slide that she is short tempered, quiet, and they are always arguing.  Something has to give.
     Then there is the second couple.  Dr. Francesca Florentino and Joshua Candolero.  Where the other couple was extremely tense almost the whole story this couple was not.  I love the character of Josh.  He is what every girl looks for in a guy-someone that can make her laugh and is sexy as hell. 
     At first Frannie as Josh calls her is leery of him.  Yet, what actually makes her step back from him at first is that he is 6 years younger than him and she used to babysit him.  What endears him to her is that he’s so willing to do anything to make her laugh, he’s sexy as hell when he smiles, he has wash board abs, and that’s the short list.
     The funny thing is she finds out he has been injuring himself on purpose to get a date with her.  So, there would be an excuse to go into the ER.  When she finds out she wants to be mad but her co-workers are on his side saying how much forethought it took.  She agrees to the date.  The way the date went she is totally impressed with it.  She even kisses him good night and is looking forward to their date in a couple of days.  When she lets herself into her home she gets the surprise of her life.
     You see 5 years ago she was pretty much left at the altar by her longtime boyfriend and then fiancĂ©, Michael.  Here she was just getting started at the local hospital and she was loving it and behind her back Michael starts looking for jobs out of state.  He ends up getting one in Oregon and really expected that she would just drop her job and follow him.  When they live and grew up in Long Island.  She was not happy and said she was not going so 10 days before the wedding he packed up and left. Never to be heard of again so she thought.
     Until she sees him standing in her living room and greeting her as she comes home from her date with a kiss.  Her life flashes before her and it is not a happy flashback of the last 5 years of pain and depression that HE had put her through.  Now he thought he could just walk right back into her home.  She calms down and says her life has moved on and he is no longer a part of it.  He says that’s not what you mom says we talk regularly.  I knew I made a mistake leaving so have been trying to get back to you ever since. Basically. 
     Life in this small town is greatly in need of you doing some reading about it.  You can’t miss this one.  I laughed, cried a tear or two, and held my heart.  I give this 5 stars plus.
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