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Boots and the Bachelor by Myla JacksonA cowboy takes a woman and her son under his wing…and teaches their hearts to fly.

Ugly Stick Saloon, Book 9

Angus McFarlan’s mother can’t be serious. Sell the ranch? Yet Mom has a point. Bringing the Rafter M out of bankruptcy has kept Angus and his brother too busy to date, let alone have children to inherit the legacy.

The last thing Angus wants is to get half-naked for the Ugly Stick Saloon’s Annual Cowboy Auction, but it’s a jump start into the dating scene. His buyer turns out to be a Dallas businesswoman, all legs and curves—a challenge to unwrap from that sexy, buttoned-down suit.

CEO Gwendolyn Graves has no time for a relationship. All she needs is a male role model for her young son, Dalton. She never thought her bachelor cowboy would impose conditions of his own. Like make her agree to spend time with him. Alone.

As Angus teaches Dalton what it means to be a man, he and Gwen discover a passion that ignites flames they thought they didn’t have time to fan. And soon find themselves learning how to open their hearts and be a family. Just when they start thinking longer term, Dalton’s father re-enters the picture—and trouble isn’t far behind.

Warning: Quiet, sexy cowboy and woman in a tight suit get all unwrapped and tangled in the sheets in Texas.

     When the universal conspires against two people who were madly deeply in love do we call it fate or bad timing?  It had been 7 years since Gwen Graves had been back to the only home she ever knew.  She left here with 2 years to go in college but it was wonderful whirlwind summer for she fell in love.
     That summer before her junior year while she was home she fell hard for Angus McFarlan he was an up and coming Architect.  He had been home from Dallas at his because his father had just passed away.  Since his brothers were not able to do it he had to take over the operations of the family ranch and get his foreman’s up to par before he went back to his own life.  
     Gwen leaves to go back to college which he encouraged and they say they would keep in contact.  She couldn’t have him see her off at the station, she knew it would break her, so their last night of love making the night before she left she sticks a letter in an envelope.  While he’s still asleep under the stars in the bed of the truck she reaches for his pants and stuffs the letter in his back pocket to read later.  In it she tells him if he had asked her to stay and never to leave him she would have.  Most of all that she loved him.  Then she gave him her dorm number, address, and phone number.
     When she came home for Christmas break and still had no call from him she just figured she was just his summer screw.  When she got home her parents hit her with the news that they bought an RV and they were hitting the road to see the world and that they were moving to Florida.  Her life was changing unfortunately without him.
     For Angus he so wanted to contact her or go after her but yet again his life had taken a bad turn again.  His mom found out she had breast cancer.  That sealed it for him he had to move back home for good.  His fast track career he was rising quickly in, was ending even faster.  He would no longer be able to take larger bigger projects but he could contact the smaller ones to keep his feet in the pool so to speak.
He updated his father’s home office to meet his needs.  Which leaving Dallas rat race suited him just fine.  He amped up his own breeding operation which was now booming.  He has always been better with horses than people, maybe that’s why they call him the “horse whisperer.”
     Now his mom has issued he ultimatum of two months for all her boys to be living and married on the ranch.  Or she will sell it.  Since none of them has the capital to buy it out right they have to do as she asks.  Including her surprise attack of signing them up as bachelors for Ugly Stick Saloon’s Bachelor Auction benefiting battered women right there in Temptation, Texas.
     The thing that throws him totally off his mark is that he gets bought for a huge amount but the person that bought him.  It is none other than the woman he has not seen in 7 years Gwen Graves.  All he has to do now is get her to sell those dates back to him.  He can’t go on one date with her let alone 4 that his mom signed him up for…Gwen has her own surprise that she wants these dates for…
     I really enjoyed this short erotica.  One because it truly had a story involved.  The characters were a hoot I especially liked Gwen’s friend Mona.  She was so funny.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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