A MONTH OF SUNDAYS                              LAVENDER DAYE & R.L. SYME
Posted:  May 19, 2015

A Month of SundaysJoe Walker made a bet. His friends want him to date a frumpy librarian for at least a month, and while Joe is less than keen, he needs the carrot they offer. Almost a hundred thousand dollars to be invested in his business. 

Krista considers herself to be a serious woman, a master's graduate, a librarian... and she has a plan for the children of Somewhere, TX. When Joe approaches her, insisting they should date, she knows him by reputation. He's not the kind of man a librarian should date. But in person, he proves to be more persuasive than she anticipated, and she soon finds herself agreeing to a month of Sundays. 

Joe's friends are convinced they can turn him from a playboy into a serious adult, but he's not going to play by the rules.... none of them... 

This book is a follow-up to our first boxed set, TEXAS SUNRISE.

     When you have been hurt in a relationship before we sometimes do anything to protect our hearts. That is exactly what this couple seems to be doing. 
     You have a 30 year old playboy who is still bedding the KAS Sorority Girls.  His high school football friends can’t stand to see him self-destruct anymore.  They thought for sure when his dad died last year he would become more responsible since he left his bar, “Everyday Joe’s” to him.  But Joe Walker has gotten worse.  Now he wants to barrow a huge chunk of cash from his pals to improve as well as bring all the things up to code before the city shuts him down.  There is a guy there who is being a hard as and is gunning for him.
     His friends Will Sloan, Berg Klein, Adam Van Bandt, and Rob Mac Leod have made a surprise visit on a Saturday morning.  When they let themselves in there is a trail of women’s clothing leading to his bedroom.  When they open the door to his bedroom he’s reading the paper on the bed and a blond chick that doesn’t even look old enough to get a drink at his bar is sound asleep next to him with just a sheet to cover her.  She wakes and asks who they are and the guys have words with her and Joe sees it’s not going good.  He has her wrap up toga style in the sheet and has her grab up all her clothes and leave because the guys are serious about a business meeting.
     When he gets back in the room they say that his life style has to change.  Then Will speaks and says he is not going to lead him money, because he doesn’t have that kind to lend not to mention it would never fly with his wife.  Especially since he is the talk of the town and he being the pastor and Joe being who he has become.  Basically a man whore.  The others say they will lend it but there are rules.  One is he will have to date a lady with a good reputation and they have one in mind, for one month.  No sex at all with anyone for that month.
     He agrees although he says he is feeling ganged up on and that he really needs the money to make the upgrades and expand, otherwise they will close him down.  They said that they had picked out a woman not a girl for him to date.  He got a funny look and they told him they were starting to worry you’re going to come home with one our nieces or a high schooler soon.  It was hitting him slowly that he was the laughing stock of the town.  They tell him to get dressed they are going to meet the woman right now.  They take him to the library to meet the children’s librarian Krista Foley.  She dresses like she just stepped out of the 50’s.  But Joe doesn’t hesitate asking her to dinner to talk over some business.  But she shoots him down.
     Right away his friends start rethinking her as the choice and start brainstorming.  But he says flat out “No it’s her.”  He asks again the wording he uses this time includes the total truth about a bet and the month of dates and how he can help her with a problem she has at the library and it fund raiser.  They make their own deal and she agrees to date him with her own rules, “NO SEX AND NO STRINGS!”
     This is a short story that has quite a punch.  But it is served up with a lot of humor, friendship, and love.  Small town and meddling by all what could go wrong with that?
I give this 5 stars.  Provided by NetGalley.
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