THE TEMPTING ONE                                 ROCHELLE FRENCH
Posted:  May 2, 2015

Tempting the One (Meadowview Heat, #4)Country-girl Chessie Gibson’s always been a giver. Billionaire Theo Courant’s always been a player. Since childhood, the two have irritated the heck out of each other. Only when Theo breaks both wrists and ankles in a snowboarding accident, Chessie’s asked to care for her family friend. But being stuck with egotistical Theo in her Meadowview farmhouse is most definitely not her idea of fun.
Theo sees Chessie as part pin-up girl, part hippie-chick—nothing like the models and social climbers he’s used to dating. She’s gorgeous and luscious, but he’s never made a move on his best friend’s younger sister. The two of them are opposite in almost every way imaginable. But wow—is she ever hot!
But when Theo and Chessie end up stuck together for weeks, they come to know each other in ways neither thought possible. Seeing a different side of Theo—he’s not exactly the frivolous playboy he seems—Chessie finds herself unable to resist the temptation to try a “friends with benefits” situation. But their differences continue to come between them…and if Theo doesn’t learn love is something that cannot be bought, the chance of a lifetime could pass them both by.
     What a really delightful story to read.  You all know what a sucker I am for small town family sagas.  Well, this falls right in with a lot of fun moments, tense, sexy, and sad moments in the life of a couple connected through family and friends.
     This story revolves around Theo Courant the “Oh Too Wealthy” best friend to Chessie Gibson’s brother, Jack.  Being that their parents were best friends and the guys are four years older than she is, she has known Theo all her life.  As kids normally do the three would bicker and tease one another.  As Theo did with his sister, Sadie, his friend Ethan’s sister Lia.
     But as Chessie got older and started to develop Theo really poured on the teasing.  The reason being he felt an attraction and all three guys had “The Bro Code” in effect.  This kept him aware of that fact and kept him away from her.  Then it just became a fine art of making her crazy just to see what she would do.  Chessie was really easy to get riled up.  So, it became second nature to do so.
     Now all these years later he has been injured in a skiing accident and his sister Sadie calls Chessie in a panic asking Chessie to go check in and be with him at the hospital.  She is not a happy camper.  One, it is snowing.  Two, she has been working her tail off and it’s her first night off in weeks.  Three, she just can’t stand Theo!  Yes, he is sexy as all hell, he’s rich and he has a killer smile but the minute he opens his mouth she just wants to choke him.  Then, in the next he can say something funny and make you laugh, pissing her off.
     When she finally gets to him he is just obnoxious.  But it could be when she got there she looked like a drowned rat and the grocery bag she was using as a purse broke and one thing that fell out amongst many was a strip of condoms.  Asking if she wanted to put them to use wasn’t too far off the mark. 
     Their bantering is a lot of fun it gives a lot of insight into who they are a people and what they each want.  How little they truly knew about each other. And what they can still learn of their heart and of each other’s heart.  You will totally enjoy this book.  Short and sweet.  I give this:  5 stars.
Provided by Net Galley. 
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