BREAKING CLEAR #3                                 MJ SUMMERS
Posted:  June 22, 2015

Breaking Clear (Full Hearts, #3)Clever. Steamy. Inspiring.

Harper Young is a talented, feisty art director at Style Magazine. Sitting at her desk one Tuesday morning she answers a call that will forever change the well-worn path of her life. Her father has had an accident and needs Harper to leave Manhattan to go home to Boulder, Colorado to care for him. Given an ultimatum by her heartless boss, she chooses family, leaving her career behind. She drives across the country to find that the only man to make her heart ache with desire will be her new neighbour.

Evan Donovan is a contractor who's been dealt a rough hand when it comes to love. His wife, Lisa, left him just as the recession forced him to shut down his home building company. Now after three years of rebuilding, he is finally getting back on his feet again. When Harper drops back into his life, he does his level best to keep things on a 'just friends' level. Her older brother, Evan's best friend, won't take kindly to Evan dating Harper.

Proving that old flames are easily relit, Harper and Evan quickly find themselves in each other's arms. But will Harper's career come calling her back to New York when her father has recovered? Will a man whose heart has been snapped in pieces learn to trust again?

Lose yourself in Harper and Evan's romantic journey as they fight for their forever.

This is the third book of the series and this one involves Harper Young. She must leave her job for a while at Style magazine because her father is injured at work and they don’t know if he will be able to walk again. Her two older brothers are nowhere near so it is up to her to get back to Boulder. After seeing her father in the hospital she decides to go the house to rest but realizes that there is no water. After going to a neighbors she finds herself locked out as she is climbing over the fence she gets stuck and hears a voice from the past Evan Donovan. The boy she always had a crush on and was hoping that he was bald and had a belly, but when he caught her failing from the fence she knew he did not and she realized that her robe opened up and he was now looking at her goods and smiling. After turning on the water for her he went back to his house and then for the next few weeks that was okay until they decided to do the friends with benefits plan. She was still planning on going back to New York when her father got better and he was not looking for a relationship being divorced. But as the story goes they were good for each other and she would go to his construction site with lunch and just show up to talk to him after all of his employees left for the day. She does go back to New York but ends up quitting because she needs more time off and her boss as she put had Botox injected into her heart instead of her lips. Their relationship heats up but neither of them wants to make it more, but she wants him to tell her he does and she would not be looking for any more jobs in New York. She does take a job back with her old magazine when a lot of the staff get fired and she wants him to tell her to stay but instead he tells her the most hurtful thing to her. Her mother ran off with a student when she was younger and she is always being compared to her, but he never did until that night. She left the next day, she does come back for good but not for him but for herself and decides to buy a place and live there. When he finds out he is stun, but she ignores him as much as possible. The only problem have with this story is the things he said to her and the mean spirited way in which they were said. I know it is just a story but as a father I would not want my daughter to put up with his words. It is one thing to forgive but the character intently said those words to be hurtful and mean and knew what the effect they would have on her after though out the story he told her don’t listen to people when they say those things. Other than that I really liked the book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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