CRUISIN' FOR A SEAL                                      SHARON HAMILTON
Posted:  June 30, 2015

Cruisin' For A SEAL (SEAL Brotherhood, #5)Marc Beale and several of his brothers from SEAL Team 3 board a cruise ship to bury a fallen buddy's aches at sea. A risky affair with a beautiful Italian the night before they leave begins to ease his survivor’s guilt. 

Sophia Negri, suffering jitters over her engagement, falls for the handsome SEAL and pretends she speaks no English, letting their bodies do the talking. When Marc finds her on the ship and learns Sophia is half American, he is angry at first, but falls for her all over again as they set sail.

Terrorists take over the ship and hold the passengers for ransom, Marc and the other SEALs are the only ones who can stop the plot. Will Marc’s actions be enough to save Sophia or will he have to sacrifice himself to save the woman he loves?

This story has Seal Team 3 meeting in Italy with their wife’s and or girlfriends to go a cruise to bury their fallen team mate at sea. Everyone is good with meeting before and hanging out except for Marc Beal, who is getting over his girlfriend who passed away from cancer. He goes off by himself and he comes across a little café and while there a beautiful women sits down a few tables away and they make eye contact and without saying anything start to flirt with each other. Shortly she is meet by another beautiful women who has to be her mother and though they are speaking Italian he tell that the conversation is not that all pleasant. After the mother leaves and she gets up to walk away he decides to go up and talk to her which turns out to be funny she only speaks Italian. They go to her littler apartment and spend the night together and part of the next morning. Later that night he goes back to her place but she never answers and he realizes she is not there. The next day the team board the ship for the curse and all he has is his memories of one fabulous night with a women Named Sophia if that is her right name. Later on the ship he spots Sophia and she is dancing with a guy but he does not like him there is something that makes leery about him. She really does not like him either but he is her fiancés best friend. Once Sophia sees Marc it is all over she tells him about the arranged marriage even though she is not happy about it but she feels trapped they meet and talk but while this is going on the ship is taken over by tourists. Now the team must work to take control of the ship since it is going to take some time before help arrives. This turned out to be a much more exciting book and there are little stories going on besides the two big ones that push this book along and make this into a fabulous book. I enjoyed it very much. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 5 stars.

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