Curvy Women: Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Curvy Women

“Ugly Duckling Syndrome” 

     Just read this book that just set my heart on fire.  I know why God gives you ribs to hold your heart.  Because when your heart feels overwhelmed or like it just wants to burst the ribs are there to cage it in.  This book was about a girl who was asked by a man who granted at the time was getting ready to use her for his own gain but…still.  He asked her to allow him to be his personal trainer, so she could get her true love that he sees her eyeing every day, to not lose weight but to condition her body to make her better, healthier and fit with no scales involved.
     But what this guy refused to see, as well as all those around her, was that each time they did that they were slowly killing her spirit.  So, she worked and she worked and she worked some more.  But the man she wanted only saw the new clothes, the straightened hair and the makeup.  You see she had been there all along and she had originally been his best friend back when they were both nerds.  Before he grew into this jock god and left her behind and then dates the one beautiful girl that could and did rip her heart to shreds, her sister.  So, her she sat a make believe thin girl in a fat girl's mind looking for the one who saw her, the Ugly Duckling, before she turned into the swan.
     It started me thinking.  How often do we do just that?  Do we lose weight, gain weight, straighten our hair, curl our hair, makeup, no makeup, and the list can go on.  All for the sake of someone or many someone’s out there.  When really we should be getting fit and healthy for us.  Not for anyone else not even our husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend.  We have to stop looking at others and making judgements about how or what they should be.  Because in the end we all die, we all turn to dust and it really doesn’t matter when we hit the pearly gates.
     All my life I wanted to be thinner.  Yet, now I am a good 30+ pounds thinner than I was in Junior High & High School (from 6th-12th ) weighed the same.  It’s not about the scale now.  It’s about my health.  I had to get extremely ill to get to this point and now the after effects suck.  So, not recommended. Fuck Thyroid Cancer! Just want you to see the person within the next time you feel it’s your responsibility to tell an overweight person how to live.  Ask them if they are close to you how they are feeling and if they would like to start walking with you (saying don’t worry we’ll start off slow.) 
     No fat person wants to be fat.  They don’t get up every morning saying how many calories do I need to consume in order to maintain or gain more weight?  Really?  Come one now.  It is hard to lose weight I can tell you that for a fact because I had to have weight loss surgery.  I lost a person.  I for sure am not promoting being fat because it can be lonely for some I know it can be painful for sure.  Teased by guys and there were a few girls but nothing bad.  Embarrassing yes.  Hurtful yes.  Yet, it has helped me to guide my daughter to better her eating habits and to have a much better outlook of the world as a whole but her body image is beyond what I could have ever have hoped for myself. Not to mention to be able to have forums like this one to share my thoughts and hope that it helps some of you.
     Thanks for stopping by and I am so sorry it has been so long since I have made an entry.  I have been really trying to be a good girl and catching up on my “To Be Read” list.
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