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Posted:  June 22, 2015

Homefront (Homefront, #1)He's always loved her...
First Sergeant Gale Sorren waited a war and half a lifetime for a chance to get stationed near the ex-wife who left him years ago. When he finally musters the courage to see her, the life he imagined she was living was nothing close to the reality.
She's never stopped loving him...
Melanie never stopped worrying about Gale each time he headed off to war. But he's never been there when she needed him and she's had fifteen years to steel her heart against him.
But when Gale moves to Fort Hood, he finally has a chance to make things right with Melanie and the daughter she raised without him.
Can Mel trust her heart to a man who has always let her down?
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Book 2: After the War
Book 3: Face the Fire 
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Gale Sorren is a First Sergeant now stationed at FT. Hood. His problem is that he is now close to his ex-wife and daughter who he really has not spent any time with. His ex-Melanie was and still does think about him and worries when he gets deployed but always felt that he was never there for her for an incident with their daughter and she needed him but did not request him to come home and since they were divorced he was not allowed to leave. He is lucky that he is still in the Army after that night and now it has come time to grow up and help his wife. It still takes him weeks to show up at her place to let her know that his their; stationed at Ft. Hood and she realizes when she sees him that he has aged from the time when they first got together at 17 but now he is a man. He asked her to help him to become a parent to their daughter and he apologies for the past for all of the mistakes he made and at the same time they repair their relationship after finding out that they still love each other. While this is going on he is still trying to get use to the Captain and some of the other Sgt. He does end up running into a problem with the one Sergeant who helped save his career years ago and now he is trying to save him. I also like how they slowly work back together as a couple and how his ex takes the bedroom door off the daughter’s room because she is not going to school. Gale also catches a boy in her room and that also bring him and his ex-closer along with a health scare that he has towards the end of the book. I was waiting for Gale’s character to open up a little more about his childhood about the violence but maybe Melanie knew about it. I thought it might have answered some of the questions they were always coming back to. Overall a good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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