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Posted:  June 4, 2015

Just One Taste by Kimberly KincaidA little home improvement can go a long way…

Jesse Oliver was a medic in Afghanistan, but back home in Pine Mountain he’s happy to switch gears as the Double Shot bar’s new sous chef. When his apartment floods and his old Army buddy offers the family’s dilapidated lake house as temporary quarters, Jesse thinks a little remodeling on the creaky duplex sounds like a fair return favor. That’s before he sets eyes on the gorgeous woman moving into the other side of the cabin—and discovers she’s his buddy’s kid sister, a.k.a totally off limits.

Kat McMarrin has fought hard for her space, and she’s not too interested in sharing it. Of course, her job as a physical therapist means she won’t see much of Jesse, even if he’s a few thin floorboards away—unless she seeks him out. And with his sculpted body and slow-burn gaze, she might be tempted. Maybe the fixer-upper projects she has planned for the cabin will keep her mind off him. Or maybe her instincts to strip the place down will get out of hand…

     When you come from a back ground of no love or trust it makes it hard to form true friendships or relationships.  Which is exactly the case of Jesse Oliver, 27.  He had a single mom who was hooked on drugs, a father that left when he was five, and so he felt the need to care for his mom.  At the age of 20 she died of an overdose and he joined the Army.
     He was a medic.  He had done three tours and he opted to take an extra tour training and teaching combat lifesaving in his off time.  When he was on one of his tours he met Gabe McMarrin.  They became quick buddies.  After time had passed he met up with him again and he found out he and his wife had settled down in a town called Riverside the town over from Pine Mountain where he grew up.  He just hadn’t been back since he joined at 20 there was nothing there for him.  Now though he had his friend Gabe.
     One morning Jesse wakes to an off sounds so he waits to hear what the threat could be.  A little disoriented as to if he was still abroad or home.  Then, he remembers he was no longer in uniform and on alert.  He hears what sound like rain when he listens closer.  Yet, he sees that the sun is shining.  He gets up and walks toward the noise which is coming from the bathroom.  He at first thought someone had gotten in and was taking a shower.  Who knew what he would find.  What he found was an inch of water all over the flood.  He shut off the source or at least he tried.  So, he goes to the main for his unit and shuts it down.
     Then he thinks or the other three apartments with neighbors.  Especially the sexy blond above him.  When he sees the neighbor from across from him holding her baby looking frazzled.  He tells her to call the landlord, to call her husband, and the city.  They needed the water source shut down yesterday.  Then he goes and shuts off the main.  He checks on the other residents only finding the elderly couple at home.  Several hours later along with his sexy neighbor who had gotten back from a jog to this crazy mess.  They all waited for the news or their fate.  It would be 4-6 weeks to get back in once they address the main water leak.
     Of course being in need he turns to Gabe to ask for help.  He’s in luck Gabe happens to own a duplex with his sister who never uses it either and it’s by the lake.  It needs work and in exchange for staying there rent free Jesse will do the fixing up.  There was all kinds of repairs, clean up and whatever else he could do to make it nice for future use. As they were talking inside the entrance they hear a woman’s voice ask what they were doing there.
     Jesse can’t believe or even speak for a few minutes.  It is none other than the neighbor above him.  Oh, God No! Yup!  It is Gabe’s baby sister Kat McMarrin.  Jesse almost swallows his tongue.  Gabe explained the situation when Jesse cuts in saying she knows she’s my neighbor.  Kat ask to talk to Gabe in private but Jesse says, it’s okay he doesn’t have to stay there if it’s going to cause problems.  Gabe starts to protest.  Kat beats him to the next question do you have other options?  She basically asked.  He said, “Yes!”  Gabe asked, “Other than your car?” Jesse says, “No!”  Kat says sure he can stay but she wants locks on the shared front door to her part of the duplex.
     This was a fast fun read.  It gives you a short insight to the mind of a Vet returning home and the adjustments they need to make in their mind, body, and soul.  Some can be reached and others can’t.  How Kat being so out of the box as a progressive thinker that she made him feel safe.  Being an Army brat gave her insight to some of the very things he was going through.  As well as her training as a physical therapist.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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