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Posted:  June 11, 2015

The Guest Cottage by Nancy ThayerThe New York Times bestselling author of Nantucket Sisters whisks readers away to the island of Nantucket in this delightful story about two single parents who accidentally rent the same house one sunny summer.

Wendy Anderson is 35, the mother of two children, and happily married—until she discovers her husband Zack has cheated on her. Confused, angry, and lost, she rents a house on Nantucket for two summer months. When she and her children arrive at Isle Stay, she discovers that Trevor Black, 30, recently widowed, and his son Dylan, 5, have also rented the house. Neither one is willing to give up their much-needed vacations, so Wendy and Trevor devise a plan to share the house for the summer. Preparing meals in their one kitchen, Wendy and Trevor become friends, and chemistry builds throughout the seabreezy summer. But the house is full of their children, and neither is sure they’re ready to move on after recent heartbreaks. Over the last sun-soaked weekend of the summer, as chaos reigns and emotions run as high as the temperatures, Wendy must decide where her heart truly lies.

     When you're young and find love you think it will be forever.  The thing is it doesn’t always take you long to find out that you have been looking through rose colored glasses. 
     That is exactly what happened with Sophie Anderson.  She had been married 16 years, had 2 children, Jonah 15, and Lacey 10.  The rug was pulled out from under her when she found an entry on her husband Zack’s computer entered on his calendar.  “Discuss div with S.”  She had hoped it didn’t mean what she first thought but it did.  But deep down she knew that the bubble that they had lived or should she say she lived in burst a long time ago.  She was just content to raise her kids, have a nice roof over their heads and money in the bank.
     When she had confronted Zack he said that she shouldn’t have so surprised they were really not a couple anymore anyway that she had shut him out when the children came.  What he was really saying was, “I AM NOT NUMBER ONE!”
That they had drifted apart and that the children had become the center of her world.  The fact that she was not yelling, crying or asking for him to stay said it all!  Because all she was worried about was how the kids would react.
     Sophie asked him if there was a chance if they could work it out he flat out said no.  That Lila made him feel wanted, loved, young and alive.  So, they decided they would hold off until after the summer as to not ruin it for them.  Sophie used her inheritance she was left from her Aunt Fancy for July and August, since Zach refused to pay it for her and the kids to have that time together.
     Upon arriving there they explored the guest cottage as Susie Swenson called it, her friend, explained that it was large when really it was like a hotel.  Soon after arriving, a young man and his son, in his 30’s, arrived saying that they were also renting the house from Ivan Swenson.  Ivan and Susie Swenson are cousins.  Since Sophie had spun a yarn about their dad not coming because he was overlooking the work that was being done on the house.  When in reality he was moving in with Lila.  Trevor couldn’t leave either because he had sublet out his apartment for two months.  So, they decided to stay at the cottage since it’s so big.
     What’s the story with Trevor you ask?  Well, he is a widower.  His actress wife Tallulah died not long ago.  She was found from a drug overdose.  Leaving behind now 4 year old Leo.  Who has picked up some OCD traits and is afraid of his own shadow.
     Once moving in with the Anderson’s their lives change, at the cottage, them and the Anderson’s see positive changes and heartaches.
     I totally enjoyed this book.  The characters are all bigger than life yet they all have their own gentleness and spunk.  You will not regret reading this book.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley. 
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